royal dragoon guards re-role to recce?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by adam2012, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. just wondered if anyone knows anything about this as someone in the RDG has told me this is happening?
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

  3. thats the queens dragoon guards
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Still to early for me.
  5. In my day (steam gunnery) army rumours were spread by word of mouth, normally in the Sqn bar. Shows how out of date I've become as it seems they're spread on t'internet now where alcohol isn't dispensed!

    If it's going to happen the CO will brief; either his Sqn Ldrs for cascade or to the whole of the Regt. Why get yourself into a tizzy over nowt, or are you trying to work out if there's some courses you need to do and you want to get ahead of the crowd?
  6. Correct.
    Rumour control has gone into overdrive.
  7. thanks for that its just i want to join an FR regiment but the RDG are my local one and dont know whether to just join an FR regiment in the first place or wait for them tochange, if they were to do it do you have any idea how long it would be?
  8. Depends on your definition of medium armour.

    The Scout .sv family is a primarily recce based capability (albeit at 30+ tonnes so in the medium range), with the scout providing a formation recce role and replacing scimitar.

    There is a medium armour variant (same chassis as scout but with a 120mm cannon). But it's not in the first block of variants to be delivered (4 variants to replace scimitar, Spartan and samson)

    Bit confusing the terminology.
  9. Caecilius

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    FRES stage one has become Scout SV and involves a number of variants will replace the CVR(T) fleet (minus Stormer and Shileder). FRES stage 2 involves a number of other variants and is still in the pipeline.
  10. A few years back the former min dest, quiton Davies said Fres as a programme has been diestablished and replaced with smaller programmes (albeit at a few billion a time). Scout .sv is the successor to the specialist vehicles element of fres. It's being delivered and contracted in stages.

    The first part - 'recce block 1' - is on contract, with two more possible recce blocks to come that include command, ambulance, engineers and ovewatch variants (as you say - most of cvrt)

    Think the other fres successors programme are still about, but further down the line. the main one is Utility vehicle (the original fres priority) to replace Saxon and bulldog. Think there is a basic utility vehicle also which are uor style vehicles than the likes of striker, boxer, vbci apcs
  11. Scout, scimitar's replacement, will be 32t (can be up armoured to a higher weight) and based on the ascod used by Austria and Spain. They are uprating the chassis, sticking a 40mm cannon on it and installing a fairly comprehensive Istar suite.

    There was a 30t vehicle procurement that never made it to fruition, the utility vehicle based on the piranha/lav/stryker. The priority got switched to the cvrt replacement
  12. I see, my misunderstanding

    From a technical viewpoint it is. Understand the chassis can push around 40 odd tonnes to take the bigger cannon and even a bridge, so these variants are possible at a later stage if one chooses. Gduk have it on their website (sorry, on the mobile so struggling to post a link).

    Not sure if the mod are going ahead with it at the moment - if it is, it was further back in the que in terms of order of arrival - so guess it won't be happening for a bit.

    Think this 120mm vehicle and a support variant were originally termed 'fres medium armour'