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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by KY16, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Hi, im thinking of joining the signals and i could use a bit of information. I have done my background research and looked into the roles within the corps, but i would like to know a bit about what they do whilst on deployment? thanks
  2. They put up lots of tents, run around fitting in as much bullshit as is humanly possible, but unfortunately cannot get comms from or to anywhere where the distance is further than your arse from your elbow.

    But maybe thats just a Divisional Regt.

    No horsemeat was used in the production of this post
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  3. As an ex scalie , can i reccomend the Royal Engineers.
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  4. Nope, Bde Sig Sqns and non-Div Regts manage to do the same thing.
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  5. Oh thats a relief, I did wonder if they were speshul...
  6. As an ex-scaley I would also recommend anything else, i.e. RAF TG4 (although Leeming is crap) but if you are good with software, the world is your hamburger, medics, Engineers, in fact pretty well anything not connected with the Royal Signals. My first choice with the band of the Scots Guards but my career went downhill when I was refused.
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  7. Oh, there's plenty of speshul people in the Signals. We don't put them all in Div HQs, it would spoil the fun for everyone else in the Corps.

    I like to think that even at 264 or 216 they have a lot of throbbers who think that a posting to the Trg Wing and an RMQ qual equates to Snr Brecon or that doing the same serials from the same IMIs on the same kit over and over again in between litter picks and sewing the latest collection of Cub Scout tat onto uniforms is a proper working day but somehow I assume that they probably escape the worst of it.
  8. they like name badges?... apparently
  9. I did resent getting fucked about by failed techs who then had to go the r.d. route.
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  10. Hiya J.D.
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  11. I feel your pain youth....
  12. Good old ssm's, others tell the truth!
  13. If you want to get ahead in the R Sigs get on as many no comms courses as you can, the more RD they are the better as the corps is desperately short on RDs and is trying hard to up their numbers.

    Remember, as an RD you will be valued by your Troop OC/Sqn OC/CO* as they need someone to agree with them for the unwritten promise of a recommendation for promotion to the rank of JNCO/SNCO/WO/LE**

    Better still, build your career on making no friends and being determined that everyone has a feckin name tag on and you might even make Corps RSM!!
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