royal corps of mingers

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by war_torn_armoured_guru, May 20, 2006.

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  1. how many mingers are in our corps and how many of them have you had the pleasure of sharing a nite or two of passion with after a skinful of lager
  2. no names,

    at least 5, trouble is keep running into them in blandford. :(
  3. lo you should be so lucky, that probably for the whole corp.
    try being in the REME we seem to get all the mingers, must filter the good looking ones out
    at the careers offfice
  4. There's a fella posting around here who is having a bit of a tizzy about mingers both here and on another thread and furthermore being extremely vocal about the gays he shares his accommodation with. Is he probably:

    a. Recently been turned down by a squaddie lass and decided that they are all mingers or lesbians.

    b. A closet gay.


    c. More interested in farmyard animals.
  5. So where do the real sweetie pies go? I reckon the Dental Corps has its fair share.
  6. the worst bird in the corp has got to be that one at 1 div called the tree pig. the only girl i know who shaves her grid twice a day.
  7. There was a bird who is ex Sigs and is now a 'wife of', who bears a striking resemblance to Black_Hands avatar and
  8. Was down at Blandford last week quite a bit of totty floating about.lots of female Phase two recruits not issued Bergan ass yet and a few petite female subbys!!