Royal Canadian Navy getting CA$25billion in new ships

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DavidBOC, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Impressive!

    Contracts announced for $25 billion in new warships for the RCN and another $8 billion in new vessels (patrol, icebreakers) for Coast Guard.

    Halifax, B.C. yards win shipbuilding work - Politics - CBC News

    Work will be done in Halifax, NS and Vancouver, BC with the larger share being done in Halifax.

    That is a major investment in defence,
  2. well remember that that is Loonies not Quids. And the order is for a mix of destroyers and frigates designed with same hull but different weapons systems due to differing roles.

    If you click to the article linked above there is a link to a slideshow detailing the order. Of course the PC sorts are in government now. Not sure what would happen if NDP got into office before the ship order is completed.
  3. Not interested in a half built carrier are you?
  4. Thank you for your kind offer sir! However I am only in the market for a CVN not a plain old CV,

    I have heard that one Admiral Jorge Godoy would like a CV to deploy somewhere called the Malvinas. Sorry i do not have his email for you.

    I remain, Sir, your etc etc

  5. Wanna buy some cheap subs? We might even pay to get rid of them...
  6. How about we swap the Upholder class for the "Prince of Wales"? We want it in working order with functioning cats mind. Also an airwing of Super Hornets.