Royal Canadian Mounted Police mounting Queen's Lifeguard

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Thanks. I do believe that I will dust off the bus pass and go and see them.
  2. awww that.s nice, bless em
  3. We were in Ottawa a few years ago, around Canada Day.

    We went into town the next day, and heard music up near the parliament buildings and were priveliged to see the Mounties perform their "Musical Ride"

    It was like watching a kaleidoscope of mounted horses.... stunning
  4. Dominion Day, damnit!
  5. Not sure if they are Mounting the Queens Lifeguard or just the 20th May which is a Sunday so the guard change is at 10am instead of 11am.
  6. "Royal Canadian Mounted Police mounting Queen's Lifeguard"

    The Lifeguards will be chuffed, they haven't had their back doors kicked in for weeks now!
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  7. Update- Mounties mounting guard 20th (nb Sunday 10am change) to 22nd May (11am) Horse guards parade in case you are wondering
  8. Read the title more carefully - only one lifeguard is getting the pleasure. It will take until May for them to decide who is the lucky lad!

    There will be less arguing and bitchiness about who gets the jubilee medal.