Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX Plan

A quick search failed to turn up anything on this - sorry if it's been posted before.

Is anyone familiar with the RCAF's 5BX fitness plan? It claims to be able to get people fit with just 11 minutes a day exercise, gradually building up from the lowest level to an extremely high standard. There's a website at

The level for 18-25 year olds who aren't flying crew includes 35 press ups with a clap (!!) in a minute, 31 sit ups twisting to one side of the other in a minute and a mile run in 6.33.

Anyone ever used this? Comments on its efficiency? 11 minutes a day seems not to be enough to get someone fit.

Apparently there might also be issues with how up to date it is? It went out of use by the RCAF 25 years ago.

I'm talking to someone from Canadian CIC on MSN right now, so I'll ask him to check his old documents, see if he has one

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