Royal bugging scandal

Personally it comes as no surprise that redtop journo's are trying these tactics and I have zero time for the scum bags. What does worry me is the Government response, are they going to use this to further restrict freedom of speech? Are the redtop slime playing right into their hands?

BBC take on the story.
I heard a discussion about this on Radio 5 Live. What they did was access mobile phone mail messsages. If you call a mobile and get directed to voicemail, you can key in a PIN to access any messages stored. It appears most PINs are left at factory default and you get three cracks at the PIN. Simple really, fun for all the family.
Trevelez said:
Simple really, fun for all the family.
Simple and stupid. When are your royals going to take their security seriously? What's it going to take? Another tampon tape? Another bedside intruder? Or worse?

Wonder if there will be another royal farce of a trial? I seriously doubt it. I suspect this man could write quite the book. Oh well, it's all very amusing from this side of the pond.
Red top journalists do this all the time - as they dismantle and destroy the lives of the general public - which is illegal, but nothing is said. When it happens to celebrities and royals - IT'S NEWS. It's self-serving, creates and fills more column inches, and puts cash into the pockets of bent publicity people. I had to laugh when I saw Max Clifford being interviewed on this subject on BBC News and coming out with 'All people in this country have a right to a private life' - absolutely classic. Max, I think it may be too late to prepare your push for a knighthood.
Now will they change the law to protect those who are vulnerable,ok course they will.The ordinary man in the street who cares!
Excellent news, News of the World royal editor Clive Goodman has been charged with another in conspiring to intercept communications.

The pair have been bailed to appear at Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court on August 16th.

Well done to the staff at Clarence House for alerting Police....
Brilliant! Unscrupulous Journo gets arrse handed to him on a plate. The only better news would be if the other chap worked for the Mirror!

Oh and how the f*** did he think he was going to get away with it and at what point did he think it was the right thing to do (if he's found guilty of course, sub judice and all that).
I hope this is a watershed and other journo scum who often have contempt for the law to get a story start getting lifted.

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