Royal British Legion Riders Branch

Hello Bikers!

Have a look at as nice a bunch of ex and current matelots, marines, crabs and squaddies you could get (and civvies), plus biking things to do: runs, rallies, rides and beer (pity beer doesn't begin with an "r").
Try it, you might like it!

Remembrance through biking 8)
Fella's, Lasssies,

The RBL Riders are doing a couple of runs this Dec for the services.

1. Is to Selly Oak on 6th Dec (i think)

2. Headley court 17th Dec, they will be giving out some Christmas cheer to those who are not able to go home.

If any one has any contacts for goodies it would be nice if you contacted the Branch and offered them up.
These boys and girls show up for every repatriation at Wootton Bassett.I'm not a Biker myself but if I was I'd join,they are a really nice bunch of people and there is always a warm welcome in the 'Blue Oyster Club' :p :wink:
Going along to the Southern Area meeting next Wednesday with the aim of transferring my branch :)
I joined the Riders Branch back in Nov 07 after seeing the stand at the NEC Bike Show. It is probably the branch with the greatest appeal for the simple reason that bikers are the most generous and friendly people you could wish to meet! Aside from that the branch gets stuck in with high profile fund raising and has a core of really dedicated and genuine people.

Most recently I was one of those that completed the Riders Branch 1000. This was an official Iron Butt Association 'Saddlesore' event where you ride 1000 miles within 24 hours. This resulted in a European record and raised about £10000 for the Legion.

Membership is open to anyone. Doesn't matter what you ride or if you only go pillion. You can be serving, ex service or just support those that do. With 2000 members and rising we are the fastest growing branch when many are in decline. A broad range of ages as well, youngest in early 20s oldest god knows! The branch is all over the country too so you will always be able to find someone in your area.

Check out the website or PM me with any questions. for general info for a dit about the Saddlesore for more info on long distance rides

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