Royal British Legion or United Services Club?

Sorry if this has been done before or if this is not the correct forum, but I have a potentially bone question.

Having done a little bit of 'time in' and still having that squaddy mentality, I would like to join a club of like-minded chaps and chapess's to indulge in a few beers, to pull up a sandbag and to swing the lamp. My quandary however is which to join, the RBL or a USC. I have both reasonably local to me, and don't know anything about them. Are they the same thing? Can I just 'rock-up' and join, or do I need to be invited? How much to join? etc, etc.

Sorry if this is uber-bone, but your (sensible!!!) opinions would be welcomed.

All the very best,

p.s. Also interested in Joining a Grenadier Guards association if possible (are they housed with the Legion or USC?)
In some RBL clubs there very few ex service people with RBL and Branch membership you are looking at about £20 it varies. Just roll up and ask
Personally I would forget the RBL.
They changed everyones status a couple of years ago. There were Ordinary Members, ex Forces, and Club Members, non forces.
Now they are all Members.
I served 22 years and experienced the sharp end of soldiering as most did and have nothing but CONTEMPT for RBL club members. They are only members because they are effin cheapskates and go for the cheap beer and spirits. RBL say that it is the only way they can survive so they have to woo the club members. If the RBL was to be under proper management and promote the branches for ex service types and make the branches a place for them to go to then probably they would win new members from the retired service personnel. I have cancelled my membership because I was fed up of rubbing shoulders with morons and fakers.
I now find nearly as many retired service chaps being "On the Square" and suits me.
Have belonged to 2 branches of RBL since 1980 (1 rural branch and 1 town centre branch) and have found that the town centre branch was more like a cheap drinking club with little or no service background,whereas the rural branch was 70% ex service,20% non service members and 10% guests and affiliated members. Was also mamber of RAFA and again found that tobe a cheap drinks experience.

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