Royal British legion, NAAFI and the Berliner Mil Train re-run 12-13 May

The ex-RCT Rly Sqn lads who have formed a private company called 'Train of Events' (T of E) worked flat out to produce a great weekend 10-13 May to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the last run of the Berlin Mil Train. They had organised a steam loco, 1960's Deutsche Reichsbahn and Mitropa carriages and dining cars, and food. Who can forget going to breakfast on the train as it pulled out of Charlottenburg, filling up on 4 courses, then an hour after sitting down in your carriage, being called forward for lunch. And the dinner on the way back?

All in a good cause, this last weekend in Berlin, to raise money for the Berlin Branch of the Royal British Legion. But there was nearly no catering at all on either train that weekend. Why not?

Because at the eleventh hour, i.e. on the Thursday night before the train was due its first run on Sat 12 May, NAAFI, after months of project planning, who were going to provide catering as they had done all those years ago on the real train, rang up and pulled out.

This caused T of E to have to spend some eleven thousand Euros of their own dosh to frantically scrabble around and get a semblance of a catering team flown out from the UK and billeted in Berlin by Friday Friday. So much last-minute racing around that there were 3 car crashes (luckily no serious injuries) - all because the RBL and T of E were let down by NAAFI right at the last minute.

Apart from that it was a brilliant gig, and hats off to neil Howard and his T of E team. Null points for NAAFI.

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