Royal British Legion is for life, not just Remembrance Day.

I will be running the London Marathon in April 2007 in support of The Royal British Legion and all the fantastic work they do for ex British servicemen and women who desperately need your help. Please Donate Here even if it's just a pound (there is no minimum donation).

The biggest mistake ever made was the man who did nothing because he could only do a little.
Schollars and gents every last one, even the ladies. Thanks for your much appreciated (& much needed) support. :salut:
I think I may have set myself a slightly high target time for a first time marathon... I'm aiming at 3hrs 40m. I rather childishly guessed at what I thought would be a reasonable time before working out that I'd have to run at 12kmph (8mph) on average. I'm currently capable of sustaining that for about 9m at the moment. I'm going to keep aiming high though... Just see what happens (".)

Please Please Donate Here
Cheers Big Red,
Yes I'm pretty sure it does. I seem to remember setting all that up when I started the page through Bmycharity.
Aunty Stella, I've just logged in to check the progress... You sir, are an absolute diamond! Most generous. Thank you.
8th-14th Jan 07 (Week One)
Well, that’s the first week of my training program in the bag. Finishing yesterday with a 9mile run in 1hr 35mins, training so far has been okay, although I have to admit I was starting to suffer a bit in the last 2 miles. I only hope I settle into the training rather than beginning to suffer more and more as the distances increase (fat chance of that I think).
15th-21st Jan (Week Two)
Most of this week’s training was lost due to acute abdominal pain that started on Wednesday morning and lasted up until Saturday. Anything more than a gentle shuffle was really not fun. A visit to the quack on Monday morning (after it had all but subsided) for a blood test and a bit of prodding, and everything seems hunky-dory again. Meanwhile, I’ve started my training program again, and hope that the disruption hasn’t knocked me back too far. :pale:
22nd-28th Jan (week three)

Well, I’m glad to be able to report that the loss of valuable training last week doesn’t seem to have had any seriously adverse affect to the program. I managed to adhere strictly to this week’s program without any recurrence of discomfort, and even managed to beat Sunday’s target time over 10km by a whole 3 seconds! :bow: Let’s hope this trend continues.
Week 4
Week four’s training went smoothly and without hitch. I went to the FLM seminar in London on Saturday and picked up some helpful hints and tips on training and what to expect on the big day. Sunday culminated in another 10km run, on which I managed to knock off almost minute from last week’s time. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with any improvement in my fitness or technique or whether it was just because I had a target to aim for. I have to admit that the novelty of the training is starting to wear off, and motivating myself out of the door is becoming more of a challenge (particularly when I have 10km of interval training like today). Let’s hope the weather holds up, or it’ll become nigh on impossible.
Week 5
Another week of good training, slowly building up to 15miles on Sunday. Unfortunately I misread the program (looked at wrong week) on Saturday, and ran 5miles in stead of having a rest day :scratch: . The 15 miles on Sunday was a bit of a struggle towards the end, my heart-rate stayed low but my legs started stiffening up in the last few miles… the 1st 7.5 miles took me 55mins, and the remainder took me 1hr 16mins. Still, I have some time to improve that before Apr 22nd.

Thanks for all your support so far The Army and The Navy. I haven't heard a sausage from the RAF yet, Any E-Goaters in here, please pass the word. :salut:
Week Six
A fairly uneventful week’s training this time, with 6 mile runs all week, broken up using different training methods and speeds. Again I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself out of the door at the moment, particularly in bad weather or poor light. Though I’m determined not to let myself slip into skipping the odd session here and there, reasoning that to do so could ruin my efforts so far. Only one 6 miler in next week’s schedule, so I’m looking forward to the change.
Many, many thanks to the 101 Bde WO's & Sgt's mess for the very generous donation! :numberone:

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