Royal British Legion’s Civvy Street backed by entrepreneurs

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by RachelC, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I work with Civvy Street (, a Royal British Legion website for serving and ex-Service personnel and their families across the UK. It helps with a range of issues around resettlement - including re-training and employment opportunities. It also offers CV building and interview tips. Furthermore, in the twelve months from 01 October 2008, Civvy Street has awarded over £600,000 in training and employment grants.

    We've created a short video to help raise awareness of just how exactly Civvy Street can help, to which both Dragon's Den's Duncan Bannatyne and Lord Sugar's new right-hand woman Karren Brady have contributed. The video can be found here:

    I would love to know what people make of it - do take a look; any feedback is very much appreciated :D

  2. Seems a reasonable video, even if Harvey couldn't pull his tie up properly :D

    However, it isn't entirely clear who the audience is. If it is the (shortly to be) ex-serviceman, then it isn't very hard hitting - three or four shorter examples of successes would be more effective. If you are just trying to introduce the site / service to the wider employer community, it is probably going to be effective if you can get it in front of enough HR types.

    But, you have to say, back in pre-history when I left, you had a properly funded resettlement package as part of your leaving process ...

    It seems more and more is having to be done by service charities that used to be provided as part of the Covenant.
  3. I agree but this sort of thing should be run, and funded by Government, Not the RBL
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    About a year eighteen moths ago I received a load of publicity material about civvy street, the quality of information was so poor I threw it in the bin. I couldn't bear to had it out to anyone.
    I hope it has improved.
  5. I bet it was better than I received when I left 13 year ago. Basically nothing, resettlement briefs were OK but didn't really prepare you. Especially on how mong some civvy bosses are. Also not a lot about employment law and your rights.

    You do feel cut adrift and it can be bloody hard work just to keep your sanity as there is no team around you to help out.
  6. any RBL bods on here who can give advice to who to go to other than county? i want to have a moan about a commitee member,, i cannot go to the branch..thanks