Royal Berkshire Yeomanry:-remembrance day.

This is a question and not a dig.

Why do you march to a different memorial on remembrance Sunday? I am sure that your presence would be apreciated in the town centre. I know that you have your own memorial and completely understand going there, but could you not do that about 1 hour earlier and be at the town centre for the "big event"?

Again, not a dig. Just wondering.
Its been done that way for decades, once upon a time all units went to their own memorials, however falling numbers and cuts mean a number of memorials have no military presence.

The Berkshire Yeomanry take a lot of time and effort to ensure that the parade is done well. They have a very good turnout and are fully supported by the mayor etc. I guess the main one is the Guards one, maybe the Guards could come down to the river next year and vice versa :D

There are many towns in the UK where more than one parade takes place at the same time, a good turnout at each service ensures all are remembered at 11AM.
Perturbed said:
jimmys_best_mate said:
Are you talking about 94 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron in Windsor?
Wasn't sure if there was another B.Y. or not.

Thought it was right to go and remember their own lads on the 11/11 to be honest. There's plenty of other soldiers in Windsor to take part in the main town parade.

Although I'm sure someone who's spent longer there than me could tell you why they have a seperate memorial/service.
Hey chaps,
I hope you don't think I was complaining about the way they do things. Certainly not. I was curious to the reasoning for seperate memorials and services in what is really a small town.

It is certainly true that they have a good turnout. They looked very profesional in their preperations.

I haven't seen the guards parade in Windsor for remembrance day. Perhaps they are busy in London. In the town centre it was mostly youth organisations. That is good as they are the cuntries future but it would be nice to see serving forces personel there.

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