Royal baby names

Apologies if there is a thread for this already, I had a look first.

A new royal baby is expected within days, and there is speculation about the name.

My choice of name would be linked to a resurgence of the royal and national fortunes, something like Emperor Erik Bloodaxe, Righter of Wrongs upon Tower Hill. If it's a girl the name just has to be changed to Erika.
If they call it Diana, I swear I will become a republican
We haven't had a King Ivar for quite some time! We've had Ivar the boneless, how about Ivar the bone on?

I think though that it's amazing that a royal family cobbled together from the crowned inbred left overs of Europe, yet insist on English names. The Greek side of the family would surely like to see King Spiro the first accede in London, and the Germans, well Adolph is a once popular Anglo-German name which is little used of late! Prince Phillip is genetically pretty much a Romanov, Ivan is also nice.......

For female progeny I think we should consider the commonwealth, Rihanna Marley Jah is I Windsor has a nice ring, or Queen Sheila the first of New South Wales perhaps..... name that might well be considered, although it carries a heavy burdon of emotion and expectation, that would be Diana.


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The child will have the surname "Cambridge" for the first several years of its life. I hope that if it's a boy that they call it Dave. Prince Dave Cambridge has a bit of a ring to it.

What about Mercedes? A fitting tribute to the late Queen of Hearts
I hope this one doesn't turn out ginger, it would really throw the conpiracy theorists into a tail-spin....


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"Cwningar Niwbwrch" less of a mouthful but difficult for the non-cymraes amongst us.
If its a female Wills will want Diana as a middle name, but the royal "establishment " will counsel against it.

Given that Charlie will be our King relatively shortly, and Camilla is his mrs I reckon the establishment might win out.

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If its a boy, Rastus, Leroy or Billy Cokebottle. If its a girl, Urethra, Friedchickeniqua or Mavis.

The Emperor Mong commands it.
Should hark back to the distant past and revive the name Cnut.
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