Royal Australian Navy Submarines to go Nuclear

I’ve just been listening to Biden talking about the deal.
It seems he had forgotten who he was speaking with in Australia, so thanked Boris Johnson, but had to just say something like ‘that guy down under’ instead of naming the Australian PM.
By next week, Biden with think the deal was with Alabama instead of Australia


Which is odd as they are leaders in civil nuclear power. Surely a longer listening reactor would not only aid SSBN and SSN design and operation, but also that of the future carrier currently being talked about.

Cost and technical challenge of running a sovereign enrichment plant and development programme just for HEU reactors was prohibitive. U.K. has the benefit of being part of a much bigger U.K./US ‘club’. We don’t have to invent everything independently from first principles.
UK/US reactors run 90%+ HEU cores, the French run 5% LEU cores. HEU core, much higher power density and much longer life, but technically extremely challenging and expensive.
My point however, is that they need to leave it alone where possible and accept it as is.
Ah the old story, when to stop.

Every government official and Project Manager I have met has spectacularly failed to get that right.


War Hero
I wasn't thinking you were young man, I was merely trying to understand your point so I could try and clarify further. Like I've alluded to, I've been involved in a whole host of military projects ranging from aircraft upgrades and new satellite communication capabilities to data management systems and pocket sized sensors for measuring rust. Each one has had its ups and downs, and on a number of cases they have been reported on in various media releases.

Joe public thinks governments can buy military gear like they would nip down to the high street and pick up a new fridge, except there isn't a big warehouse on the edge of town full of military gear that they can deliver Tuesday week as long as there is someone in the house to sign for it (Also governments get really picky about colours and whether it has an attachment for something or other and can they get a discount for bulk...).
Well you might say that it, but lots of clever stuff is hanging from the lower branches.


So what's your point? Are you saying that you don't need to have a modified sub to operate in any water deep enough to hide it?

British submarines are not constrained operationally by geography.
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An example of the gulf in working practices was when Australian officials were left "stunned" to hear discussion of "la rentrée," the process by which French workers would get ready to restart work after the whole company stopped working in August for a month-long vacation

French officials in return were likewise said to be surprised that Australian officials expected meetings to begin on time, citing a French phenomenon known as a "diplomatic 15 minutes" whereby people were considered to be on time as long as they arrived within 15 minutes of the start time.

The report also mentioned French workers requesting more understanding of their need for long lunch breaks.

Sounds like BS. I worked in France for a French company recently, and whilst they all went off regularly for lunch (staff restaurant) they were certainly back pretty quickly in their seats afterwards. One thing I did like was their habit of a get together for a general chit chat, mostly about company business (my French is not the best) with coffee and cakes. The coffee however was execrable, frankly! But it wasn't an excuse to get away from work by any means.
By next week, Biden with think the deal was with Alabama instead of Australia

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So good, I had to post it twice. :-D :mrgreen:


Well, they are a *bit* constrained aren’t they… hence them deploying to Afghanistan

Well if we want to be pedantic, not really, they can chuck TLAMs into Afghanistan…
As I said.

the Borneo confrontation.–Malaysia_confrontation

Don’t worry though. Leaving a close ally with their arse hanging in the wind is a great way to go through life.

were you as critical of the French when they decided to sell the Australians a submarine?
When was I critical of the French or anyone else? What have the French got to do with this?

I made a simple statement of fact, you chose to counter it with an utterly irrelevant and outdated example, I pressed you to come up with something more timely or relevant and you again quoted the outdated and irrelevant example.

My point stands. I will leave it there.

Still didn't stop the Japanese though.
It did.

The Japanese took one look at Australia, sent a couple of bombers over and then left well enough alone. The idea of anyone invading, left alone conquering, Australia from the north is just absolute nonsense. They'd all be dead of thirst and heat exhaustion or begging to be captured within 48 hours.

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