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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bataz, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody know if it's true that RA have ceased recruiting for a year? A friend of mine was applying for RA as a light gunner or special observer and has heard a few rumours but nothing direct from the AFCO.
  2. I'm going for Special Observer and haven't heard a thing! On the contrary - the recruiting office seemed keen to get me in before the end of August whilst I'm still eligible for JE!
  3. Now you can either ask in the Gunners forum where i tried to advise someone already in there (and promptly got shot down in flames!).

    Or you can go into a careers office at the moment where you will be met by some scratching of heads, i spoke to an ADSC this morning specifically regarding this issue because recruiting offices have been warned that RA recruiting is on hold (there i have said it is not stopped it is on hold).

    Now you can read into that what you want, it isnt sensitive information, at the moment there is no movement on RA recruiting and anyone that hasnt already gone to ADSC is being advised of other job options ;)
  4. Cheers for that fivetodo!

    Is the army really at a strength to do that then?

    Also, if I may be a little cheeky - I assume you are working at an ACIO/AFCO at the moment? If so; you wouldn't happen to know of the strength of the Royal Irish Regiment would you? As that's my second choice (and a close one at that!) I was wondering just how long I could be waiting if I did get that far!
  5. R Irish recruiting is open, as for RA i havent had the full details but i am led to believe it is a training capacity problem in so much as they have run out of resources for the time being (it could something and nothing to be honest).
  6. I've not seen anything on OARBS yet but have been informed that it's due to a backlog of Ph1 trainees waiting for their Ph2 courses. If they don't hold now there will be a massive amount of dissatisfied trainees hanging about Larkhill kicking their heels getting into trouble.

    I would suggest trying the Royal Signals, AGC, RLC (Ammo Tech, Postal and Courier and Chef) or REME Armourer if you qualify for these trades. If you are hell bent on doing something to do with indirect fire - join the Infantry and ask to go to a Mortar Platoon or wait untill the backlog is cleared.
  7. go royal irish mate! i was wanting to go as90 gunner but once i read into the 2 i prefered royal irish anyway my recruitment officer reckons all goin well i cud be in bout aug sept time :lol:
  8. Recruiting never closes for any regiment .... Its just the waiting for selection and training becomes longer....
  9. Looks like I'm going to ring my recruiter up in a minute to pester.. no, erm.. inquire about my medical forms! (I know he can't rush them along - but at least I look keen! :lol: )

    Yeah, I'm thinking Royal Irish now! Aug/Sept would be a pretty sweet time to go in!
  10. Stop talking crap about stuff you obviously know nothing about, the RA recruiting especially to those who are considering it as a career option is a serious subject, what part of "recruiting is on hold as there is a backlog of recruits waiting for phase 2 already" do you not understand? :D

    There are loads of jobs that we stopped recruiting for a few months ago.

    I had an applicant today who had passed selection last week, he had 3 RA job choices, he has now had to be rebriefed on jobs that were available but he wasnt initially interested in, the choice was take what is on offer or wait until they make decision to open the gates again (which is not likely to be this year).

    Simples ;)
  11. I can verify everything fivetodo as said - albeit as a civvy going through the application process!

    The RA have currently put recruiting on hold, thus my Sgt said I was best off putting the Royal Irish Regiment first.

    Cheers for the heads up fivetodo - that could've been a bit of a shock if I hadn't read it here! :wink:
  12. Anyone who really wants to join RA would wait. Aftertall do you think everyone who applies and already has a position will stay.. not likely, so other positions may come up early. My point was that yes there may be a backlog of recruit training but that is the only reason that it is shut not that the regiment is full with fully trained soldiers.
  13. And you understand the recruiting system and no doubt the recruit allocation plan fully then?

    You are wasted joining the Army, its the Civil service you need to be joining ;)

    How many people joining the RA are going to wait a year if that is what it takes? a small proportion may do but if you were unemployed and looking for work would you??

    I see both sides of the fence and deal with applicants on a daily basis if you are looking at it from your own perspective then that hardly makes for a good analysis of the impact on recruiting, this will cause problems for RA manning, when you turn the tap off you do not get an instant supply to fill vacancies when you turn it back on as the recruiting system is not geared around keeping people waiting for jobs, its about filling a target both for the field Army all the way down to the office ;)
  14. Just as an update, Junior Entry into RA vacancies is going to continue, Adult Entry is still on hold for the time being.

    Any juniors that were thinking of applying but were concerned about the vacancy situation (having read this thread) are ok to apply and continue :)
  15. I was just about to post that someone I know got in for Special Observer as a Junior, going into Harrogate.