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Royal Artillery recruiting?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by RA2Be, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi chaps,

    iv been told by my afco that none of the trades in RA are taking people. my first choice is the light gun role but have been told to make other choices. Can anyone please confirm the status of the royal artillery intake for 2010?

    thanks very much
  2. iv also heard this but my recruiter is the same as yours lol
    do obersvation post assistant its suposed to be one of the best jobs going in RA
    special observer is also highly rated
  3. i was told by my recruiter to expect a long wait for the RA but he didn't say they were not taking people on but as90 is what i want to do so willing to wait
  4. Search royal artillery recruitment theres a massive thread on it.
  5. The Royal Artillery continue to recruit but there is no loading onto phase 1 training courses until later this year. All trades are open, but the most popular and required ones are OP assistant and UAV operator. Although, RHA mounted gunner is becoming more favoured now.

    Anybody interested should ask their recruiter to attend the RA insight course as it's very good and informative.

    There's also lots of info on the RA websight:
  6. Guys, your going to be waiting ages.....I went in to my Careers expressing interest in RA and my SGT told me outright..I'm wasting my I went away and thought about it and this is why Im now going on about Hcav/RAC because that is the 2nd option...
  7. thats because the afcos are concentrating on infantry and will push that first just persevere if you still want to be a gunner
  8. So would flying RC planes make me better suited to UAV op? I'm not really sure if it would be beneficial.
  9. It might (especially if you're going MUAV), but that's nothing to do with this post!
  10. All trades are open, but the most popular and required ones are OP assistant and UAV operator. Although, RHA mounted gunner is becoming more favoured now.

    It was mostly a responce to this. :) sorry if it seemed a little out of the blue

    by MUAV you mean the likes of the raven?
    One of the planes i fly is very similar (its my old trainer). it has the same dihedral wing and its about the same size, even has the same control surfaces. so I imagine I would be relatively at home with it.

    ::disclaimer:: I don't know what the UAV our boys use is.
  11. The door for RA Junior Entry (16-17) recruits has just opened and all jobs are still available for both the September and January at the Army Foundation College, Harrogate. The Standard Entry window will open soon.
  12. Or maybe you could listen to what the recruiting sergeant tells you?! :X
  13. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    So long as the mong currently known as "D:Runner" doesn't get anywhere near the Royal Regiment, I'll be happy....
  14. Don't think he should be let near pencils, just crayons, circular paper and safety scissors let alone entertaining the Idea of joining the Army!
  15. I want to cut D:Runners throat and make it a red waterfall feature for about 30 seconds while he is still standing :twisted: