Royal Artillery - Phase Two.

Evening all.

Would someone be able to give me an idea of what phase two training at larkhill involves?

I've recently been given a date for Phase 1 in November, and am pretty clued up on those 14 weeks. But I have next to no idea what happens at phase 2, apart from the small amount of info I've gleaned from Army website (learning to drive etc). What are the working weeks? Is it the sane as phase one or are you free after 6pm/weekends? What are you trained on? How is the programme set out?

Also how are you accommodated? Is it still training accom or are you given Single soldier accom?

Does the training differ depending on what part of the RA your off to or does it stay generic until you get to your unit?

Sorry to ask 20 questions, but am keen to know a bit more about my new career!

When i was there we got approx 2 weekends off a month, the training is generic yes you will do part 1 sigs Service driver conversion and of course your B license ehm cant really remember what else you do. Oh and Accomodation is shockingly bad .. i think there is one semi ok block but the rest really are not much to write home about , 8 man rooms is a standard ..bunk beds etc. Its only 14 weeks so i wouldnt worry bout it u will be at reg in no time. Any other questions feel free to drop me a pm.

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Thanks for that.

How long ago were you at Phase 2?

I read about larkhills accomadation being knocked down and rebuild so maybe it's different now?

What does the driving side fo things involve? apart from the Cat B car licence!
Ehm, i was there about 14 or so weeks.....i think.

You want to hope the accomodation has been rebuilt... It was a big shock seeing it, my face must of been a picture.

SDC is just driving landys on road and off road , quite good fun.
Accomodation used to be really bad (I was a Phase 2 instructor 7 years ago) - the money got spent at Phase 1 first, then you would come to Phase 2 and get shit digs - it's better now (new buildings), but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the accomodation is still the old sort, but tarted up inside. The idea is that you still use shared rooms to enhance the training factor and camerarderie.

I think they are Z-type though (just not single man) - so you have better accomodation (4-man I think) and a certain number of bathrooms per block etc, rather than the old 16 man rooms with one massive communal toilet area.

As for the course, I left Phase 1 instruction a year ago and the course then was the Generic Gunner course (basically a basic signals course) and your driving - B licence if you don't have it, B+E for trailers and SDC - converting to military vehicles so you're "good to go" when you hit the regiment. The age old argument from Regiments is that the soldier arriving from Phase 2 doesn't know enough. the course used to be spoecific to Signals, Guns, Air Defence, but the Regiments said that the level of training was so low to not be worthwhile. They changed the course to the generic one, Regiments could then "mould" the soldier into the trade they need them in. Of course, Regiments now say the generic course is not good for anything...

You'll enjoy Larkhill and be champing at the bit to get to your regiment at the same time. Good luck and enjoy it all. Regimental life will be completely different.

PT continues, you aren't "free" after 6 pm and you wont get every weekend. It is only 3 months though and then you hit your regiment - where you will be free after work hours (but you'll be hundreds of miles from civilisation) and most weekends (as above, but at least you've time to travel).
i was there september last year and it was the worst place ever, accom is bunk beds , 8 men per room, very little time to your self and you work 2 weekends a month, its about 14-18 weeks long, you could be there alot longer if your always in the shit.

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