Royal Artillery No1 Ceremonial Dress

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by dance_with_the_devil, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Good Day All,

    The Devil is after some contact numbers for the possibility of loaning
    out two set of Artillery Ceremonial Dress complete with White belts & Gloves.
    In addition i'm also after six Ceremonial Swords and Sheathes.

    I have tried my QM Dept, about as much use as a Chocolate teapot.. :roll:

    Was wondering if H.A.C. or R.H.A. might be on side.

    If you are in the loop, or part of the QM chain please PM me.

    Thanks in advance...
    Devil.. :evil:

    Edited..Initial post in the QM dept.
  2. Friends of mine got them from the QM's at woolwich. Not sure if thats at Larkhill by now. Another friend has ordered some for DEC and i think he may have got them from woolwich too, but i know it's all due to move so try both ends, thay should hold a stock of them
  3. got them from QM's woolwich some years ago, try larkers.
  4. Cheers all,
    Yep, have tried Woolwich Station QM's, no joy as they are either
    all out for the "Farewell to Woolwich Parade" come May, or they are due to be moved to Larkhill soon.

    Larkhill QM no joy so far, same as 32 & 19 Regt's, all getting sized for the
    Parade at Woolwich on the 26 May.

    Will try H.A.C. or R.H.A. in central London.
  5. I think you will find that the HAC have different No 1s to the RA, by RHA in London I take it you mean Kings Troop, I have the feeling though you will be unlucky due to the Foundation Day Parade/Farewell to Woolwich on the 26th
  6. Thanks for all the replies... :D

    Looks like i'll have to wait until after the 26, no matter my big day is put back to August, so should be able to pick up a couple of sets of Blues with Swords
    come nearer the date.

    DWTD.. :evil:
  7. Correct, the HAC do have different Gunner Blues to the RA.

    The are a more infantry/Grenadeer mix than true RA, with no belt, yellow lines and chain mail sholders.
  8. Thanks i'll give that lot a wide berth then.. :wink:
  9. The HAC Gunner Blues are essentially RHA No1 Dress (I think) with different badges and a different hat (and for officers stores only hold jackets as the overalls are a private purchase item).

    However if you can get the uniforms elsewhere they might well be able to provide swords and other acoutrements (sp?) , but as they're in the run up to a colours parade I doubt you'll get much joy out of their ceremonial store before 18 May.
  10. Many thanks Bailey,

    I will wait until the "Farewell to Woolwich Parade" has passed, as this is
    taking up most of the blues for the final parade.
  11. The YOs' Branch at Larkhill rent out swords, scabbards etc to Officers and soldiers that are entitled to wear them
  12. Good call Mastergnr,

    I will need six swords for my Honour Guard, and have been told by the Station QM's in Woolwich, all ceremonial dress and swords will be sent to Larkhill some time soon.

    So will investigate come monday


    DWTD.. :evil:
  13. you could try 1 RHA, we go on tour this month, phone tidworth ext 2190 and ask for the RQ [NAME EDITED BY GQ] he may be able to help
  14. He's a lovely man too.....I miss him! :blowkiss: