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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by J-Leigh, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Hi, wondering if anyone can tell me what the typical working week is like for a gunner in the royal artillery when not deployed on operation? many thanks :)
  2. It depends what trade you're going in as. Also depends if you're in exercise season or not, doing training for career courses, maintaining equipment etc.

    We used to get our guys to fit into the "form cycle" of an operational year every 3 years or so - that may be changing now. The year before the operational year, you will be training, doing exercises, preparing for operations. Then run up to ops the op training intensifies. Then do the op tour, then home, swing into a training year for your "day" job - usually running up to a deployment to Canada.

    Over all of that, there will be career and promotion courses - for example, if you're on the guns, you will need to advance from L2 course you qualify from Phase 2, to L2 guns, then level 3 etc. For promotion you will need to do promotion cadres. Then there will be other mandatory training.

    If you're Troop Commander and his team of merry NCOs is feeling chipper, he might organise adventure training and detachment training.

    I've left all the boring stuff, like sweeping the gun park, parades, polishing stuff, making the tea for your boss, Battery PT etc. That's always there.
  3. I'm not Artillery but work with them and the above post describes it perfectly. The PT tends to be a lot of tabbing at my place but I suppose that is down to your PTI.
  4. OP, if you want to get anything valuable out of your time in the RA start brushing up on your map reading and get yourself straight into an OP troop out of Phase 2. The Gun Bunny career progression is pump and the day to day is invariably shit.
  5. Agreed, but that's assuming he is going Filed Regiment and not Air Defence, UAV, STA...
  6. Correct, but if he wants an decent job that has an enduring role (this makes a lot of assumptions about actually getting in etc) he should get on OP ACK as fast as humanly possible. UAV has a bright future but isn't that exciting, HVM is pump, and 5 Reg has only one Bty worth being in, and I can say from experience that it is overrated and has an unclear future ahead of it outside of the BRF which is open to all FST's.
  7. I was thinking either observer or light gunner, im really interested in joining 7 RHA, how possible would it be and do u need to meet the fitness standards of the paras? And im a she lol :p
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    You know the rules. Pics?
  9. Im also looking to join RA as possibly a light gunner with 29 commando being a huge draw. Do you start basic as a general gunner then are matched to a regiment/ role during phase 2? I suppose all the gun park sweeping and other boring stuff would be fine if you had just come from ops.

    Why is the career progression pump? Im definitly looking for a long career so this will be a factor in my decision making.
  10. I spoke to the careers office about that, they said u join as gunner crewman and towards the end of phase 1 visit larkhill and get briefed by the RA on jobs abd equipment, they then went on to say 'you then decide your future with the RA by choosing the job you wish to do' out of the ones in the brochure
  11. I don't know how much of it is your choice though lol
  12. 7 Para RHA and 29 Commando RA are both volunteer units. You can search on here for more, but basically, you need to complete P-Company and All Arms Commando Course (AACC) respectively after phase 2. J-Leigh, only one girl has finished AACC EVER (I don't think there has been another yet) and none have done P Coy. Not to put you off, you can volunteer as a female for both courses from the RA and it would be big to be the first, but they are both extremely arduous courses.

    As to career progression in the guns, you start at the bottom and work up. Thing is, you are in a 6 man detachment and only progress as fast as the top bloke moves on and shuffle up one place. C an be slower than In the OPs.

    UAV is a growth industry, but not everyone's cup of tea. With the exception of DH3 dets, you don't get out much...

    STA again, specialised, unless you go for 4/73 Bty, another volunteer unit, again requiring a specialist, arduous course.

    All trades are open to you in the RA.

    You go to Phase 1 with a trade (based on your BARB and GTI scores and your request) then I think they assign you to a regiment there. If 7 or 29, then you'll do extra PT at phase 2 to prepare you.

    Both 7 and 29 use the Light Gun and have OP/FST dets, as well as CP (command post) slots and the rest.

    Good luck!
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  13. Thankyou