Royal Artillery in the Falklands

Some of you may have seen my request in the June issue of The Gunner, I am researching the role of the Royal Artillery in the Falklands War 1982 , with the intention of producing a history of the Royal Regiment during that conflict.

As such I am appealing for assistance in compiling individual accounts, photographs, etc. from the period. All contributions will be acknowledged in the finished book.

Please PM me, if you are interested in helping.

The first British soldier to set foot on the Falklands was Captain Hugh McManners of 148 Battery, 29 Commando Regt RA. He wrote a book called Falklands Commando on his time out there. He later went on to write more books and make TV docus about military life.


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T (Shah Shujah's Troop) Battery provided the GBAD (Rapier, and yes I now that the Andrew did AD in the Sound), for the entire campaign.

Contact the Adj at 12RA (They're at Thorney Island now).

I'm sure that he (or she) can either provide access to the Battery History, or provide access to people who could help.

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