Royal Artillery Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by OP_ACK, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. I am currently engaged on researching and writing a books provisionally titled as above. It originally started as a listing of abbreviations, but has started to spiral into an encyclopaedia of the Royal Regiment.

    Anyone who could assist with words/phrases (polite please) will be acknowledged in the finished book.

    I am also looking to obtain de-restricted/de-classified Artillery Training Manuals/pamphlets, (including DUAI's) for research purposes.

    A copy of the original draft (48 pages) can be obtained from me on request. The actual working document, for which I hold the copyright, currently stands at 185 pages.

    All assistance will be gratefully received.


  2. Are you going to include their nicknames of DROPSHORT and PLANKS?
  3. I suppose someone will contradict me but when I was with the "Guns" the word "Through" was used as an affirmative- ie "Roger". Never heard of it until I served with the Royal Regiment. Heard it like it was going out of fashon on exercise. Esp in the CP. Evens down to the Toms when responding to "do you understand".
  4. Usually spoken by Numbers 1s on behalf of each other for some reason; i.e. 4 answering for 6 and so on.

    Nut Park - the most unimaginative gun position in the UK.
    Knighton Down - lie in.
    14.5mm range - stay in bed.
    Beach's Barn - oh b*llocks.
    New Zealand Camp - double b*llocks.
    Anywhere else - take a map.
  5. Thanks Guys, any and all suggestions are welcome, and yes I have included dropshorts and planks. And they are some of the politest "Insults" that are in the book!

    I am trying to make it an all round encyclopedia, so it is IMHO wrong to ignore derogatory nicknames.

    Please keep them coming and if you pm me with an e-mail address, I will send you a copy of the first draft (49 pages).
  6. I should add that I have been privileged to be given a sight copy of this fine work and it's well worth stepping up and volunteering a small amount of your time! :D
  7. You cad Sir!! pistols at dawn,my seconds will be in touch!
  8. Thats because "Through" isn't radio discipline and doesn't mean the same as "Roger".

    "Through " is/was a report by a mamber of a party to the OiC that an message has been passed successfully.

    Roger is/used to be an acknowlegement that the indivual acknowledged the order. There is/was a visual signal on the non-radio gun position or raising the arm then lowering it.
  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Through Sir!
    The report from the signaller :numberone:

    Oh dear sir, your sleeping bag fell out the door on the night move :thumright:

    pteranadon you were one of the good ones and did not suffer the loss of your maggot :thumright:
  10. Fire discipline
    Fire Discipline is the language of fire control. It consists of words, phrases, rules, and conventions which have specific meanings and which result in some definite action at the guns. The Aim of Fire Discipline, is to ensure that in response to fire orders, (from a forward observer) appropriate action is taken at the guns, strictly in accordance with the intentions of the originator, and with a minimum of delay.
    Through Sir.
  11. LOL or there was only four tiffin in the tin boss so you can have all the boilies.
  12. I heard their unofficial motto was

    "On time, On target. One or the other"
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  13. If you want to be picky and have it as per the book it's

    The aim of fire discipline is that in responce to calls for fire the appropriate action is taken in the FDC, DFDC, FPC, CP and at the guns/MLRS strictly in accordance with the intentions of the originator and witht the minimum of delay.
  14. Excellent! :D

    I should add that the correct cry is 'On time, on target and safe' - perhaps we could amend Rebel's shout to 'One or the other, but preferably safe come what may!'
  15. What about:

    Loader: "check shell"
    No.1: "Correct"

    Loader: "check charge"
    No.1: "*t, that was HE wasn't it????"

    Loader: "dunno you looked at it" :thumleft:

    No1: "Command Post, Number [insert gun no.] loaded smoke. Do you wish me to eject?"

    The picture on his face was priceless :headbang: