Royal Artillery Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Ever wondered what the Gunner next to you is talking about? If so, this is probably the book for you. I wrote it because I couldn't make head nor tail of what was being talked about in the Regimental Magazine (at the time, neither could the editor, who was always asking contributors not to use acronyms!).

Published by The History Press, signed copies are available from me at £20 plus £2.95 P&P

What the reviewers say:

The Gunner (Monthly Journal of the Royal Regiment of Artillery)
.....will appeal to anybody who has ever had any difficulty with abbreviations, acronyms and terms and phrases unique to artillerymen – and that’s just about all of us! In just over 300 pages the book defines everything from ‘A1 Echelon’ and ‘ack’ right through the alphabet to ‘zero line’ and ‘zulu muster’.
.....Comprising both historical and contemporary terms the book will give pleasure to those who want to while away time browsing through it, while it will also serve as an invaluable reference for historians and researchers.

Bolton IPMS
For anyone with an interest in the Royal Artillery this book is a must have. There is also much to hold the attention of anyone interested in military matters. The author has spent 20 years compiling the data for this book which is not just a list of terms but a history of the development of the regiment through its language. Many of the entries have a paragraph or more, explaining in some detail the entry in terms even a layman can understand. Highly recommended.

John Edwards (Royal Artillery Retired)
….an absolute masterpiece, as it not only explains the jargon used by the Gunners of 'today' - which is a great help to us oldies - but it also describes equipment, vehicles, systems and 'Gunnerspeak' in simple, easy to understand English which will be huge help to any amateur military historian who hasn't served in the Regiment and also, I imagine, for many who have as it covers such a wide spectrum of the Regiment's history.

Richard Jewell (Posted on
A superb, well laid-out, accurate book.
A must have for military buffs worldwide, its a joy to delve into and read up on obsolete words/phrases and refresh on those still in use with the Royal Regiment of Artillery.
Explains words/phrases etc without being over technical or vague.
PJ has also done a good job including Battery Battle honours of which there are many and are unique to Batteries and not Regiments within the Royal Regiment of Artillery.
All in all, a very good ubiquitous book that does bring the mysterious wordings etc of the Royal Regiment of Artillery into more light.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy, send me a PM.


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OP_ACK I tried to send you a PM but it is being knocked back saying your inbox is full. Can you clear and I will re-send. or if you wish email me.

I have a reviewer for you, if you send me an email on and I will pass on details.


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