Royal Artillery Fam 31/01/2012 then Infantry Fam vists 06/02/2012

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by brink404, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Hello All,

    It's a little bit back to back, but I'm set to head off to the Royal Artillery. Anyone else headed that way?

    I wondered - as I plan on trying to smash it, is it at the fam where you can attempt to gain sponsorship and do they tell you after the course via letter? Or is it more or less the meet and greet and get a feel for life with the regiment only.

    I note the letter said it is not designed to prepare you for AOSB main board. I plan on using it as a means of getting a bit more comfortable in command tasks and so on if they have any.

    Anyone joining me?
  2. I'm not at this stage yet, but good luck! Please let us know what you do and how you find it.
  3. Hi Brink,

    I'm currently in the process of booking RA and RE fam visits. Let us know what you get up to on the RA please mate and any idea how long it took you from requesting a FAM visit to getting a date?
  4. Well as far as dates go, my ACA1 is retired RA, he says its all a bit of a cake and arse party at the moment with bookings etc. There was quite a muckabout but I cant remember the details. Though things should be swimmingly in the new year. I booked mine late november and heard confirmation early december. So to be hitting it jan is quite a good turn around really. Not sure if it matters that I emailed directly rather than form filling with the help of my ACA1. The infantry on the other hand, filled out the paper and waited ages (as you can imagine this is the busy one!)
  5. Just finished RA visit for anyone who reads this and is curious - a quick rundown:

    I went to the RA to see what it was about, I knew next to nothing about the organisation except that being a in control of a fire support team would be cool. I have to say I had a great time and learnt a hell of a lot. First of all, I didn't know until I had arrived - women are allowed to serve in the RA. Secondly, my host was FIT! Which was awesome obviously.

    Immaturity aside Larkhill is massive, a lot of trekking around by bus, you're well fed, well looked after, the officers are incredibly blunt about life in the army and about their job - but it is clear and overwhelming that they absolutely love it. The job is clearly incredibly varied as well which is a massive attraction.

    So after a day of lectures, an easy gym session (ended up doing a spin class as it was cold outside and the gym was busy - we got off lightly!) it was a late night with the YO's that were due to head to exercise the next day.

    The assault course was cheeky, lots of little injuries, cuts and bruises, picked up due to the cold and the various metal wires on the course. It was a bit harder than usual due to the PTI being attached to the paras and perhaps keen to show it - but a really good session anyway. We even got to play on a training simulator and get to talk to all of the soldiers who had been serving for ages.

    A great question was asked "What annoys you in an officer?" We had some fantastically funny responses, but definitely worth hearing.

    I completely recommend going to the RA visit even if you're not really interested in them, it'll open up your eyes to a hell of career path and just overall get you an understanding of the level of involvement they have logistically on the battlefield. Furthermore the foods great and its a fantastic time - and you may even end up with a fit host. Nice. :p
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  6. Thanks for the run down, it's really appreciated. Have you had any other FAM visits which you could compare it to?

    It sounds really quite relaxed and like a real insight - Hopefully you will get yourself a sponsorship offer if that's what you were seeking. I'm currently booking my RA visit and I'm definitely expecting it to be the career path I choose to follow, hoever I was encouraged by my ACA to visit the Signals to see what goes on there.
  7. How do you book the fam visit? Is it through your ACA or contact them directly. My 1st choice is signals and that was organised by my ACA but I would like to see the RA as well.
  8. Thanks for that Brink.
  9. DMan, just contact your ACA and they can put you in contact. Took them a week to send the details out to me after I asked my ACA, a lot quicker than everyone else!
  10. Thanks. Will do.

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  11. Id love to know who you are Brink.... I was on that visit.... I think Captain ***** mentioned they occasionally look on here so Im sure they'll appreciate your "fit host" comments haha
  12. I'm sure they would just as much appreciate you breaching their PERSEC and posting their name online. Don't do it.
  13. "Pull your keyboard over, this is the Internet Police"
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  14. Edited for you...
  15. Did they mention anything about how competitive it is to join the RA when at Sandhurst? My first two option now seem to take 3-5 a year, so been told by my ACA to ditch one of them, and am leaning towards the RA over any of the other CS arms.