Royal Artillery Eyesight

Im just wondering if anybody knew the requirements for the RA eyesight - in particular the special observer trade.

I understand my eyesight (2.75 left, 3.25 right) will most likely be miles out - still; would be nice to be sure! :D

I have searched, and I also asked my recruiter today - but he wasn't 100% sure.
I'm sure you'll be fine with that. I applied for SO and was fine in terms of physical and mental test, was only my eye sight which let me down. I'm -6 and -4.25, so a fair bit worse than u, but wasnt a million miles away from required standard. Only thing I would say is make sure it is what you really want to do cos it is an elite UK force and you will have to work your b0ll0cks off for it. If you do, good luck :)
I can only give it a go anyway!

Yeah, I must say - they do sound shit hot on the requirements, the patrols course etc. Still, to be a part of that must be incredibly proud! Plus it looks a like a fuckton of fun - albeit it with a load of hard work thrown in!

Was just wondering if maybe someone had the job brief for it with the PULHHEEMS requirements, and perhaps could judge the eyesight from that? I might be barking up the wrong tree though!
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