Royal Artillery Dog Lead

Manufactured from colourful polypropylene knit-braid over a strong synthetic core.

These supple leads are extremely strong and are available in Royal Artillery stable belt colours.
They are 9mm in diameter and 40 inches long and suitable for all sizes of dog. The leads come with a trigger hook and hand loop.
The hand loop is secured with a strong moulded plastic fastener with a full colour resign cap badge set against a TRF background.

At only £7.50 with free postage even your dog can afford to be army barmy.
What wonderful new kit offers for the ladies ;)
hehe, nice lead :)

*I'm only pulling your leg!
OldRedCap said:
Darth_Doctrinus said:
Here's a pic:

I'm getting one! :D
I trust you have a dog?
Heh, don't be silly from what I was reading in another forum topic about someone who likes just to brandish one of these things with his wife.. I doubt this chap has a dog! hehe

*I'm only joke and not looking to offend anyone ;)
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