Royal Artilery Intake.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Jones20100, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Jones20100

    Jones20100 Crow

    Hey everyone. Im currently Re-enlisting into the Army as a Gunner (Light Gun).
    I previously served with RRF. Anywho, i just wanted to ask, as at the careers office they arnt any help at all, does anybody have any ideas about when RA are starting intakes? Or when the next intake is? ETC.
    I passed selection at the start of december and all that good stuff, so im just waiting for a date to start training. If anybody has a clue i would appreciate the input.

  2. commzmeanzbombz

    commzmeanzbombz War Hero

    Not a clue buddy, 5 to do is usually the subject matter expert on this sort of thing.

    I would take your army number of your user name though Mate.
  3. Jones20100

    Jones20100 Crow

    Ok thanks anyway.
    How do i edit my name mate?
  4. commzmeanzbombz

    commzmeanzbombz War Hero

  5. commzmeanzbombz

    commzmeanzbombz War Hero

    If you post your initial question in here:

    You might get a better answer Mate.
  6. Jones20100

    Jones20100 Crow

    I'll take a gander in that bit of the forum then, cheers.