Royal Armouries - Leeds

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by BoomShackerLacker, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Taking the Boom entourage to RA in Leeds this weekend, which is a long overdue visit.

    Any particular displays worth making a bee line for, in between the rest stops, tea, cake and more tea?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It is not like the Pattern room that was is the best I can offer. If and when the Herb Woodend building opens that will be worth viewing but apart from making appointments to see particular collections everything is a bit "interactive" as apparently you cant learn or enjoy displays unless some dick of an art student is irritating the t1ts of you with a load of tosh about his time in the trenches!
    Worth a visit though!
  3. There are a whole load of special displays for kids for next week's half term. Brochure came with last sunday's Mail but can't find it. They definately had a web site though.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Difficut to find and a bit of a disappointed when I did :(

    The whole thing is based on some wacky design theory and there is no 'narrative' to it. (cf the Green Howard's museum in Richmond)

    The Imperial War Museum North is much better.

  5. Can report back a successful visit to the RA in Leeds, and, pleasantly surprised.

    Every individual weapon of note was there, no major ommissions.

    We all enjoyed the interactive displays with some convincing sword fights and actors portraying cameo scenes e.g. Bill Sykes erstwhile Cockleshell.

    All supplemented by a bit of jousting and falcolnry.

    Overall v. intelligently done. 10/10 actually.

    A v. large party of recruits from Harrogate appeared in some fetching blue tracksuits. Not an NCO in sight and did themselves proud. Responded politely to questions. Good on 'em.

    Stayed in the Holiday Inn Express literally next door which was squeaky new and space to play Scrabble with the Boomettes (plus observe the frighteningly dressed partygoers hitting Leeds city centre)
  6. I found the IWM North rather very short on displays (we ended up spending more time in the shopping centre on the other side of the quay) but good on the narrative, with the Royal Armouries loads of displays and lacking narrative.

    Liked the architecture of IWM (shattered earth isn't it) and also liked the circular display of weapons at RA.

    p.s. I thought this was a thread about a ARRSE Up in Leeds???
  7. Spoke to a 'WW1 soldier ' and commented how well and easily he wore his uniform. Also the way he handled his Lee Enfield. Well he said 'I have been doing this longer than WW1 went on'.

    Had tears in my eyes at times. Well worth a visit. It is very well done.
  8. It is not Disneyland which I suppose limits it for a few. If you have something military that is of interest before you go, you will thoroughly enjoy it. As stated, the re-enactors are quality. Plus it does not get too crowded (on the 3 times I have been anyway)