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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Craigus McGooch, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. I've got my pre ASDC training tomorrow morning and I'm needing a few things answered which I have tried googling, and searching on the army MOD site

    1, What is the run time and fitness requirements for RAC

    2, Phase 2 training (Bovington) :- how long does it last? what do you learn?

    and any other general info would be great to help with icebreaker.
  2. No. Its only pre selection I go every week (just till my run time is down) The sheet I was given about the info i need for icebreaker was wrong as it mentioned winchester. which is wrong he said.

    It doesn't mention fitness requirements for RAC there as i just need to know the run time.
    also just some info of what i will learn there (like bowman communications ect.) and for how long i'm there for.

    wtf! my hair is short and no piercings.

    sorry for confusion
  3. Must be an old Facebook picture then :)
  4. been on my facebook? :p
  5. Might be yours - depends how many Craigus McGooch out there with CR2s as profile picture :)
  6. awh that was over a year ago, I was stretching my ear for some wierd reason. but that's long gone and healed up.
    So yeah RAC run time you know it. I sen it posted in 2008 it was 13.15, if that is still the case I should have been to selection 3 weeks ago
  7. RAC Phase 1 training is at Bassingbourn

    Most Recruiters wont send you to ADSC until your running under 10.30 on your run as anything above that you will struggle with all the physical nature of ADSC especially the PT on the first night (approx 45 minutes of circuit type training)

    Phase 2 at Bovington approx 17 weeks which could incorporate, driver training car then tracked or gunnery side, Bowman communications, Driver maintenance.

    Get a bit of knowledge about the Regiment you want to history, nicknames when they were formed etc.

    And a warning dont friend CC_TA on Facebook and if he asks you to wear a light brown apron be wary.
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  8. Well today went bad, Whilst running the 1.5 my leg was in agony and only managed to do the 1.5 in 12.20.
    The sarge said I have to knock another minute off that time before he puts me through to selection.

    But thanks for the info IRON much appreciated.