Royal Armoured Corps, Will i be doin more than one role?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by akelly, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi, im currently looking to join the royal armoured as a Tank Crewman. i was reading through the different Regiments i could join and some say that you could fulfill many roles, does this mean that if i join as a Tank Crewman i could be doing different roles while on tour or anywhere. Such as infantry or other roles or do i just Stay as a Tank Crewman and do that role all of the time i am in my regiment? And as a secondary question, Which Royal Armoured regiment do snowboarding adventurous sport, or have a team for this sport, as i love snowboarding and have been doing it for years, i would like to continue it/further it by carrying it on in the army.

    Thanks for reading this look forward to hearing from ya.

  2. I'm not sure if this is classed as different roles for you, but when you join you start of as a driver then over the years you'll move up 'through the tank' into different roles.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I joined to be a Chieftain crewman.

    By the time I finished Basic (over 36 years ago) I discovered my chosen regiment had re-roled as Recce (whichever regiment you choose, it is unlikely that they re-role before you get there: that doesn't happen any more.

    From trade training as a Scorpion gunner, I went to Northern Ireland and served as a section rifleman.

    From there I actually did Scorpion gunner for three months.

    UN Ferret driver for six months.

    OC's Land Rover Driver for six months.

    Command Troop Rebro driver for one year.

    Saracen ACV Control Signaller for one year.

    Rebro Ferret commander for one year.

    Scorpion gunner for one year. (Back in the same job after five years: that was depressing and I began to wonder what the point of it all was.)

    FHQ Sultan commander for six months.

    Then, having married, I started a seven year resettlement course (rebadged).

    So in seven years in the RAC I spent some 15 months in the trade I was originally trained for. That was without spending time outside the regiment at a time when the only options were essentially Armour or Recce; UK, NI or BAOR.

    Whatever happens to you, enjoy it and don't expect to sit in the same seat throughout your career.

    Oh and they were the best years of my life. I don't tell people I am staff software engineer for the UK IT group of one of the biggest corporations in the world, I tell them I am ex-cavalry and proud of it.
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  4. Alien's story is fairly similar to most I guess.

    I did Basic CVR(T) drivers course, then sigs and gunnery at my unit. I ended up mostly in Signals doing Command Operators and repairs. I went to the mounted unit before I ever got to do the instructors course.

    You tend to find there a lot of other roles within all RAC regiments such as medic, instructors and now I think support Troopers and combat roles. They will tend to go to the senior Troopers, unless you prove yourself good in the early days. When I say senior, you might only wait a year or 2 and that time will fly. There are other roles when on tour, but they've probably changed since I left 11 years ago and the types of tour have changed, e.g. NI & Bosnia to Afghanistan.

    HCR & HCMR had a good skiing team, but if you are good on the board, there is a chance you'll get to do it in army time, unless you're super amazing and Olympic standard and they would usually gave good support to you, I've seen that happen with a few from my regt who played some sports at a high level.

    Edited to add: Mate of mine who did P company (not sure if it's just HCR that do it, or other RAC units can) ended up as a Cpl working at 5th Airborne headquaters (Or 16 air assault / 24 air not so mobile, what ever they call it now)! There are posts sometimes to other units, but usually at rank, after a couple of tapes. Some of these might even be abroad, such as Belize, Canada.
  5. Don't forget chief brew maker and tank park sweeper upper.
  6. Do they still do "snow queen" if they do,then you'll get snowboarding.

    Basically did all the same as above, except when i was 'them'

    (i was'nt really,i was never with the RTR)
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  7. And of course after a few months the exalted post of BV commander!

    AT oppurtunities are becoming more limited within the army at the moment, and will probably become more so as time goes on and more budgets are cut. Don't expect to just be able to waltz onto a snow-boarding jolly as a crow driver when there are more senior blokes who have been waiting for that chance. If you really push the matter with your sqn AT rep, you might be able to get away after about a year or so in the squadron, but that qould still be quite exceptional.

    With regards to the different jobs side of tings, the variety is tremendous, you could be qualified to drive about 8 or 10 vehicles, you could be a gunner, heavy weapons operator, support trooper, signals god (can be boring but its the key to faster promotion, too many people don't want to understand BOWMAN and just want to be gunners), intelligence bod and with a few years on and dependant upon your intelligence an advanced operator or instructor in any one of those
  8. And if you had no self respecting person would admit it
  9. Hey, Boiling Vessel commander was a respected job in my day! Laugh all we want, you had to be a trusted senior (3-6 years service, promotion to L/Cpl was usually after 6-7 years at that time) Trooper in my day to make those brews and boil in the bag meals! Once on a trip excersise abroad I was doing command operator and had a 2nd role of lighting the commanders fags for him every 20 minutes! Map marking on the move with a fag in your gob ain't the easiest role in the world I can say!
  10. Our unit had "duty fag boy" who all of those down the tank park went to when they wanted a fag, but the role was abolished in the mid 90's. That also including those who didn't smoke, it would just be your turn to buy 20 fags and then dish them out when asked!
  11. Would you like to have a go at changing the tracks? Its similar to changing the wheel on a car or truck.
  12. Dont forget those other classic trades you will need to be proficient in: stagging on the gate & waiting on in the Officers/Sgts mess.

  13. Wow we were 'them' - I'll never have to make up stories again!
  14. Do you like Grease? No,not the film,the thick, err, greasy stuff.You will probably develop a close relationship with it. Good Luck.
  15. From training ive done:

    CVRT driver, rocked up drove for a bit
    Signals , not a complete biff so bumped up to spartan operator after a couple of months
    Support trooper- spartan op in support tp (for about 5 mins)
    Javelin - jav op in canada/troopies operator in guided weapons tp
    Pashtu basic linguist, moved to Police mentoring team
    B3 gunner - just done it , not used it yet

    Deploying in a week and a half, as a police advisor on me plates of meat.

    Thats over the course of just more than 2 years. Variety is the spice of life.