Royal Armoured Corps to merge with RAF!.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by revmodes, May 5, 2013.

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  1. A possible solution to make use of all those redundant bits of kit.

    The RAF(special forces regiment) would take over ammo bashing and track maintenance duties. TANK BUSTER.jpg
  2. Track bashing is quite PHYSICAL you know, what about their delicate, soft hands ? To adapt Blackadder: 'Ahhhhhhhhhh me lord, you have woman's hands. I warrant these hands have never whacked a bent track pin with a sledgehammer'

  3. The gunner is aiming at his own Osprey, probably.
  4. Hahahahaha, had a bit of a laugh back in '91 when 1RGJ got disbanded, we told the Greenjackets that they were being amalgamated with part of HCav to form the Royal Life Jackets!
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  5. Mind you, they could always use BARRIER cream
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  6. Seen what you did careful though you might get tangled up in a handbag fight.
  7. Household Cavalry get amalgamated with the catering corps to the household cutlery.
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  8. "Household Cavalry get amalgamated with the catering corps to the household cutlery".

    Always knew them as the Arsehole Cutlery in the days of the RHG
  9. Chefs or Donkey Wallopers?
  10. Could that airframe be adapted for carrier use?
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  11. Just the RHG and the Life Guards - like the Devil, the names for the ACC were legion and really quite unfair to a fine body of men.

    Recall that one of the duties of the prowler guards around dawn was to venture into the cooks' festering pit and wake the early turn, so they could rubberise the eggs and burn the toast in time for brekker. I took great delight in singing 'the sun has got his hat on' or quoting old Omar - 'awake, for morning in the bowl of night hath thrown the stone that puts the stars to flight'. Easy to do a runner before they got your range.
  12. It already comes with it's own carrier
  13. SRDG slagging time .........
  14. Cooks disgusting greasy feckers ...there was a parade once and the senior officer inspecting asked one of the marines what his SQ was and he said cook...he got a bollocking and was told he was a chef.......a bit later he asked another marine what his job was and he replied chef...he then asked him how long he had been a chef to which he replied ...oh about ten minutes Sir.
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  15. It's amphibious?