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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by wallerns, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, i'm starting my basic training in Winchester soon and i'm joining The Royal Armoured Corps, altho having trouble as to wot reg to join.
    I want to join The Queens Royal Hussars but coz i'm from Norwich (East Anglia) i'm not from their recruiting areas. Basically i just want to know if they recruit ppl from outside their recruiting areas or am i best to look for another reg. The careers office haven't spoke to me about the regiments yet but i'm going there at the end of the month so shud found out then anyway.

    Can anyone help?

  2. yeah all RAC regiment will accept you regardless of where you are from as long as your up to scratch. if you want to be based near norwich try the Light Dragoons there only 20min up the A47. 1RTR is in norfolk too. though most folk join to get away from home :D
  3. K mate nice one, yeah def want to get away from home. Just dint know if they stuck to their recruiting areas or not.
  4. I'm joining the Queens Royal Lancers because it's my local reg, you can join any regiment though.
  5. Ignore all that, I'm a smelly Englishman and I joined the SCOTS DG! They beat me and take the piss out of my accent on a daily basis.
  6. I wanted to join the SCOTS DG, but then I though 'nah, I'm not Scottish', so decided to go for HCav instead.
  7. Just make sure you're not already pledged to anyone in some capacity - I went through Winchester with a bloke who was sure he was going to the QRL, however his local regiment that he'd first shown an interest at the ACIO in Coventry was the 9/12th. As a less popular and understrength regiment they nabbed him back just before passing out, and when he went to get his No 2 dress the nice Motto-topped black hat was snatched from his hands to be replaced with the Postman Pat model. I don't know what system they use now but he had a white card given to him at the ACIO by a 9/12th Lancer and that was enough to pack him off to Hohne.

    If you have already unwittingly been put down for a regiment just make it known where you really want to go as soon as possible - it seems like kicking up a fuss and when you're in basic training that feels like the last thing you should do. Remember that it's your career, and you'll be spending the next 3 to 22 years in a regiment, so it's got to be the right one for you. Good luck, stick with it and enjoy yourself - it's the best job in the world.

  9. Good choice chap!
  10. Yeah, good choice! Haha.
  11. You guys in/off in the HCav then?

  12. Have a guess duckiciao!
  13. Oh right, nevermind me. You did quote my post where I stated I wanted to go in the HCav, just made me wonder. :x
  14. when are you off? im going on the 12th. im going in Qrh