Royal Armoured Corps or Infantry?


I want to join the Army as an officer once I graduate, but I'm not sure whether I would like to work as Infantry or the Royal Armoured Corps. I guess the major factors are: is there a pay/benefit difference, is one more dangerous then the other, do I need skills in engineering/mechanics in RAC, and how likely am I to see combat in each Branch?
I don't think there is any real pay difference between RAC and infantry officers of the same rank.

Officer Pay & Benefits - British Army Jobs

Do you have any family connection to any particular regiment? If not, what's your local regiment? Maybe a good starting point.

Spend a bit of time reading up on some of the regiments that appeal to you. Not all infantry or armoured units will have the same role.
From a purely military viewpoint, the army likes people who know what they want, or who know where they want to be. IMHO, as an infantryman you may go more places and see more things than an RAC officer, if recent years are anything to go by. That could all change, of course. Get focused on a particular regiment, write to the colonel, express an interest etc.
If you drift through Sandhurst with no real direction you will get what you are given.

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