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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Terminator1421, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys :)

    I'm going to be joining the SCOTS DG in the foreseeable future (start date for Pirbirght is 15/07/2012).

    I was wondering if you "lovely bunch" could fill me in on some common Royal Armoured Corps jargon, just so I don't misunderstand people when they use some.

    Thanks in advance for the useful help...but I also expect some trolling so good luck with that too :)
  2. Tank = You'll need this one
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  3. Thanks bud. I never thought of
  4. Get the beers in = It's your round.
    ACTION! = Wake up we are about to shoot somebody.
    Pussy = (depends on context) 1. Clunge; 2. Soft individual.
    Clunge = Phlange
    Phlange = Growler
    Growler = Minge
    Minge = Pussy (start over).

    Hope this helps.
    Twat = ****
  5. WFM - Whole fleet management
    JAMES - Joint Asset Management Engineering Solution
    VOR - Vehicle off the road
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  6. "Brewing up" and I'm not talking about using the BV either.
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  7. Refer to everyone in the RAC except RTR as 'Cavalry Under New Tasking' it is an old acronym for Cav in Tanks.
  8. STILL!!--as in STILL!!

    Oh and brush up on your Fijian.
  9. As in stiller and stiller yet?
  10. 'Non-Taskworthy' and 'Limited Role' are good ones as well. **** knows what 'Fully Fit' means...
  11. Your RAPTC bloke will tell you.
  12. "Redundancy" and I don't mean spare tonks.
  13. AGAI 67, that's another good one.
  14. When you break down,(you will),don't forget to ask bluebell (REME/LAD) how long will it take to fix,they love that.Good luck.
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  15. Pointy one - refers to KE ammunition natures
    Blunt one half a bag - Indicates use of secondary natures.
    Wallapeurs - cod frog, used to describe those that sacked the cleverer, four legged, part of the team only a few decades ago.

    Scarletto will be along shortly to have a dribble.