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Royal Armoured Corps Jargon

Hey guys :)

I'm going to be joining the SCOTS DG in the foreseeable future (start date for Pirbirght is 15/07/2012).

I was wondering if you "lovely bunch" could fill me in on some common Royal Armoured Corps jargon, just so I don't misunderstand people when they use some.

Thanks in advance for the useful help...but I also expect some trolling so good luck with that too :)
Get the beers in = It's your round.
ACTION! = Wake up we are about to shoot somebody.
Pussy = (depends on context) 1. Clunge; 2. Soft individual.
Clunge = Phlange
Phlange = Growler
Growler = Minge
Minge = Pussy (start over).

Hope this helps.
Twat = ****
Pointy one - refers to KE ammunition natures
Blunt one half a bag - Indicates use of secondary natures.
Wallapeurs - cod frog, used to describe those that sacked the cleverer, four legged, part of the team only a few decades ago.

Scarletto will be along shortly to have a dribble.
Long weight
Bag of ellipses
Tartan paint

Some of the items you will need to queue up for at the Tech QM's on behalf of the Tp Cpl


P.S. if you p*ss off the Fitter Section you will be dead meat - lol

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