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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ben_2111, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi all just trying to get some more information on the royal anglians and how the lifestyle of a royal anglian is.

    i understand that they are currently based in germany and going off to afghanistan in next few weeks.

    i have my selection up in lichfield in 2 weeks and planning on getting on a cic few weeks after that, then want to join the anglians
  2. cheers mate

    will give him a mail now
  3. He's not in till Monday but he will get back to you I am sure.

    Check PMs

  4. is the poachers a different bn within the anglians like the 1st bn vikings.

    i was recruted in northampton had my final interview 2day
  5. Ben

    Do you no know anything about your future Regiment/Battalion? Is this due to the fact that you only joined the Royal Anglians due to Ross Kemp. Thought that looks like fun I'll have a go!!!

    Or you could ask to use the family brain cell, and try to Google Royal Anglian Regiment!

    Here you go I have done it for you!
    Royal Anglian

  6. no i spent 2 years at college doing a public services course and based many of my essays on the royal anglians and its history .

    i admit yes i watched the ross kemp thing but dont belive that it is a true likelyness, things were edited to make the best viewing.

    i have always been umming and arring about the anglains and it did help me make my decision but no matter how many books i read about it, it wont compare to some 1 actually serving there and their experiences and lifestyle
  7. Ben, one of my choices is 2 R ANGLIAN, but the poachers website its bloody awful, But its basically light role (currently in the desert rats, so you bob about in a land rover) so have a look on other regiments websites that are light role, like PWRR, Irish rangers etc. 1 R ANGLIAN is armoured infantry, they humm about in vikings(?) i believe.

  8. Ben

    A fine Infantry Regiment (but then I am bIas). Three Battalions is the regiment at present 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 1st and 2 are Regular Battalions based in Pirbright and Celle (Germany) respectively with the 3rd (TA) across most on the eastern seaboard of the UK. No matter which Bn you join you will visit somewhere sandy within the next few years.

    Don't know uless you try but if you go to the 2nd then it sounds like you will have a good chance of being with guys from your local area.

    Rest assured what Ross showed you was a true reflection of that Op, its not fun, its damn dangerous and its probably the best thing you will ever do if you get the chance. Like every Infantry Bn and Role there will be highs and lows but hopefully for you more highs. Its a fast pace of life but if you are up for a challenge then your local county regiment is going to be good for you.

    Good luck and there was no harm in asking.

    Hope this helps


    P.S Don't judge by a website - there are plenty of Units with great websites - but thats about all! :)
  9. I'll second that
  10. Thats what i meant about looking at other websites for information on that role since the 2 r anglian site does help one bit.
  11. If you join then don't forget to call them the Angle Irons - its a nickname that they are proud of and goes way back to their formation 8)
  12. Well the 2nd Bn are a tad busy right now - I guess updating their website is probably not at the top of their agenda right now so I will cut then some slack. But your comments noted Cal I will pass them on.

    Anyway I am sure they will have plenty to update it with in the future :)

  13. cheers for all your help guys.....i looked at other websites and it has really opened my eyes to alot more.

    just going to have to think about it b4 i go up to selection
  14. Baz, what are they up to at the mo?, they somewhere sandy?, cant find any info on them all i get is 1nd bn ross kemp stuff :wink: