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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by big.mcsharry, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. I'm going to Harrogate in September, and hoping to join the Royal Anglians 2nd Battalion. How do I specialise as a sniper? Do I need to join a recce regiment, (light Dragoons) or can I join from Anglians?
  2. It is decided when you get to Battalion, but only when you have a bit of clout about you, experience etc. You may then get recommended to go to support weapons/sniper platoon and attend the course
  3. Generally you would be expected to join a Rifle Company and serve as a Rifleman to learn the job and gain experience. After a year or so you may be given the opportunity to specialise in one of the many jobs in the battalion, such as Mortars, Sigs, Anti Tanks, Recce etc.
    Snipers are generally picked from outstanding soldiers with excellent fieldcraft skills and good shots.
    All Regular Infantry Battalions have Snipers.

    The Cavalry in the main do not have Snipers, unless you count a 120mm or 30mm gun as sniping.

    Hope this helps.
  4. As soon as you arrive at Harrogate you need to identify yourself to your Regimental Sergeant Major as a sniper. He will supply you with a chit that you need to give to your Platoon Sergeant. The Platoon Sergeant will then run you through a series of aptitude tests that will grant you a special badge that when you arrive at Battalion everyone will know you are a sniper.
  5. thanks everyone for all your help. this has helped a lot more than the online recruiters. again thanks
  6. what do you mean by identify yourself? just go up and say or just show him?
  7. Hide in the bush outside HQ and when he walks past jump out screaming"YOUR DEAD YOU FUKIN BAARRSSTARRD!!!!SIR" and then get your heels together and ask to be placed on the sniper course
  8. Wait until you have your first OC's parade on the main square.
    The plt sergeant will 'about turn' and salute the OC prior to ball-numbingly boring inspection.

    Pull out an empty bic pen tube with pre-arranged soggy tissue paper in said receptacle, and fire a well aimed salvo into the back of sarge's neck.

    Own up immediately and say "That was me sarge, I've got eyes like a sh*thouse rat, me".

    You will then be marched to the armoury to select your weapon of choice (Choose the Predator shoulder laser) and have 2 weeks in Aiya Napa to practice your 'Pop shots'.

    Hope this helps.

    (Seriously, Merlin and Blobs advice is sound) Happy stalking!