Royal Anglian Rugby Memorial Game 2007

Calling all Rugby Loving Royal Anglians! Every year for the last six years there has been an annual memorial game between serving and former members of the Regiment. It statrted as a 1st Battalion game and was made into a Regimental event last year when a combined Regimental Old Boys saw off the serving "youngsters" from the 1st Battalion. This year we will be taking on the 2nd Battalion at Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club on Saturday 01 September 2007. Last year we had three ex-pompadours playing and 12 watching. Come along and support and talk about how good you were! More details on this site at a later date and on the Regt Assoc site.
"Look at those Anglians"....where are the rugby supermen? The game is 100% on and I have 23 players so far and anarmy of drinkers. Drop me a line at if you wanna come along to either play or drink and remember old times!

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