Royal Anglian Regiment Reputation.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PM-88, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Even though I live abroad, most of my family come from Norfolk, and I was wondering what sort of repuation the Regiment has? Yes all regiments in the army are professional, but I was wondering if there is anything that sets out the R Anglian from anyone else. Just curious!

    Thanks for any replies,

  2. We as a regiment have a great reputation, both regular and T.A, we have been one of the best manned regiments of late which undoubtedly saved us in the latest round of cuts, several well carried out professional tours under our belts and great comraderie (<- ?), ofcourse im biased :D but I for one am very proud of our reputation.

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  3. Came off me motorbike in 1984 ish. The amulance crew that picked me up were both very professional. When they found out I was Cav',they were ex Royal Anglian, they took the piss big style..... the other casualty, from the car I totalled, thought they were bang out of order. Personaly, It took my mind of the pain, until they dumped me in casualty. Top blokes, even if they were infantry....
  4. we ( RWF ) were based in Tidworth 1974 lucknow barracks and i believe it was 2nd ? Bn lived next door , had a few rumbles with them but all in all got on well .everyone should be proud of their Regiment but what sets others a part i couldn't say
  5. Prejudiced of course, but having worn a couple of other cap-badges, I found the Royal Anglians to be a serious, fighting line infantry regiment. Not flash (the most exciting thing about the uniform is a black patch on the beret, FFS), we just knew we were good at what we did.
  6. A solid well rounded Infantry Regiment,well that's just My opinion anyway...
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Bunch of t0ssers - especially all members 2 RA boxing team - especially the welterweights - especially the guy who broke my nose........... :wink:
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  8. Lostanddazed might also remember that 1 RWF took over from 1 RAR in Londonderry in 1972. Both regiments got on well and both came across (at least to an attached rank) as very professional although the Anglians could never get used to the RWF habit of using a fusiliers last 2 numbers as his christian name!
  9. Sorry - not very disciplined and lack of control of junior ranks by the senior ranks of 2 RA (If they were at Pirbright in 2004-2005. Made our life awkward - running off without paying for taxis and not being disciplined (nothing wrong with dodging a fare but when caught should be dealt with by CoC).... etc, I could go on but as I have no clue about their mil skills I shall desist. (But I did like the fact that one wife of decided that she would shag anything in Pirbright (you know the blonde one with big boobs - up for threesomes and video sessions)) :)
  10. Good Regiment, no matter what Bn - have made some good mates from both Bns - from a rifleman
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    Got her phone number????

    Royal Anglians. Even though they are a slow-marching, redcoat wearing, heavy infantry mob, they are not bad. I work with a number of them at an ATR and they are switched on people with good admin. Can't say fairer than that. About redcoats anyway.
  12. 2 BN
    From my experiences with them whilst they were posted to Cyprus and around and about a couple of tours Ive seen them on a very good bunch of lads. There also from my local area so I know a few lads.
  13. I found them a great bunch to work with. It makes a change to find a regiment that has retained the same cap badge & beret for more than a fortnight too!
  14. Just a thought, but if you're from Norfolk and want to join a local regiment, how about your local Guards Regiment, who happen to be The Coldstream. If you go to the Infantry Recruiting bit of the Army website you can look at all your options in the various different regiments.
  15. The reason you were saved from cuts was because you already are a 'super-regiment', nothing else.

    Coming from another unit however and having worked with them, I would say that I've had nothing but very good things to say about the Royal Anglians. In fact they're probably one of the better infantry regiments IMHO.