Royal Anglian Regiment is best recruited Inf Regt

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. According to Castle Magazine (The Regt Mag). The Royal Anglian Regt is the best recruited out of all the Infantry Regiments, both Bn's are at 100% strength. Not surprising really when you consider that they recruit from 10 counties. Essex is responsible for the lions share of the new recruits with Chelmsford and Southend careers office both doing well on numbers. It seems that the Regiment keep themselves very busy trying to attract new soldiers -they seem to be doing something right when most units are struggling.

  2. ok if thats the case why are troops from 3 R,Ang out with the 2nd BN and a current trawl for future OP's taking place if they have 100% ??? not quite what it seems me thinks !
  3. I expect the TA attachments are included in the figures, and of course depending on the role the manning requirement changes -ARMD INF Bn's are usually heavier in numbers.
  4. The Army in genral in under recruited hence FAS to knock a few thousand of the manning strength so that it could be reported as 100% manned - its called creative accounting!
    Regiments can be 100 recruited at LSN level but acrually be physically under manned owing to posts held against Bn strength but actually not kocated with Bn like AFCO, AYts etc some of which a Bn funeded posts. This is the reality of the Army in which we serve.
    Of course the Royal Anglian Regimets being the best county Regiment in the Army (being completely bias as a member of the RLC) is doing something right right people in the right jobs at the front end of recruiting
    As with most regiments though retention is the main issue with less than 24 months now between op tours - not a healthy situation and not condusive to aid retention.

    Saracen you really are a negative bugger at times :)

  5. Because jobs like recruiting Sgt are held against Bn manning, because some sickies can't deploy, because a Bn needs to furnish a rear party and because often the role in theatre requires jobs (LOs etc) that a Bn is not routinely manned for.
  6. Troops to other units and jobs? ie, depot.

    They may even be counting the lads in training.
  7. Quite true !

    1st Bn had around 120 guys on rear party for their Telic tour.

  8. The Regimental footprint is huge (Went Big early the first time round) and largely rural ( the huge conurbations of Boston and Grimsby not withstanding) there is also a strong slant on keeping it "local" with each of the company's in both battalions having a direct county affiliation.

    Recruiting effort is always strong in both the Vikings and the Poachers and now that the God awful and not to be missed "East of England" Regimental title has been binned and the blokes returned to their Royal Anglian home as the Steelbacks it can only be a good thing.
  9. Lostboss correction although some at Bn believe us to be Steelbacks one point BHQ seems to have over looked is thet the Steelbacks was the nickname of the old 5th Bn and the name was transferred with them when they changed to 158 RLC as far as I am aware two Bn's under the same regimental banner (158 is still affliated to the Regiment) should not have the same nickname.

    Still it will all sort itself out in the end

  10. Sorry, I may be coming to this late, but as en ex-Pompadour and Viking (now something else entirely), what nickname have they chosen for the 'new' 3rd Bn?
  11. Officially they haven't got a name as yet still TBC
    TM named all exercises Steelback xxx without being aware of the 158 situation at the time

  12. Without being picky, and obviously biased (I'm both of course), the nickname Steelbacks belongs to the 5th Bn, not the 3rd? Surely it's a given that it'll be the Pompadours?
  13. Now there starts a whole new debate!
    I agree with you and there is logc in what you say.
    Howver suspect they will go for political correctness and pick something completely new so as not to upset everyone new and old alike.

    Original Regimental idea (or hope) was that the 3rd Bn would rise from the ashes in the future like a Phoneix reborn - it has but its a TA Bn and that seems to stick ith the throats of some so I hear (obviously completely ignoring the fact that most of the Bn has been on Op tours and will do so next year when the Regular Bns need extra resources - but apparently thats not Regular enough for some!) :) Still they are half way there back in the Regimental fold so to speak.

  14. Keeping a Regimental perspective on it, also as an ex-Recuiter, the manning figures make for good reading regardless. I firmly believe that it was one of the reasons the capbadge survived the latest round of 'slash and burn'.

    Happy Minden Day for tomorrow.
  15. Happy Minden Day indeed - is there a big bash in Pirbright planned this year?