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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by paulyb102, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Have Just completed the Royal Anglian regiment forums.

    There are separate forums for the Vikings, Poachers and Pompadours/Steelbacks

    Plus A Gallery section, Video Section and Chatroom, ex soldiers of the Royal Anglians are invited to meet up here!

    Up the Angle Irons!

  2. did you know that an anagram of Vikings is Skiving? Comments?
  3. Good one! or that Evian water backwards spells Naive!! and elvis is an anagram of evils and levi's!!

  4. but none of those are connected to the R Anglians - or are you trying to say that Elvis lives and is still waiting for his Telic medal! 8)
  5. You should know better you ###### :wink:

    Dont mess with the Hornheads !
  6. Paul,

    You've earned an Oxygen thief tag in short order, what did you do?
  7. Could'nt beleive they can be so petty on here! all i did was click new post 3 times instead of post reply, but to be honest they are far too close, never mind someone in authority has had his power trip! lol

  8. So how do you register on the site?. Could not find a link on the page.
  9. Good call Pauly however I see a glaring problem. What about the New 3rd Bn?
    Appreciate that you have covered Vikings, Poachers and Pompadours however is the latter Old 3rd Bn or New 3rd Bn or both?

    Right now as I understand it the New 3rd Bn haven't yet worked out if they are Pompadours, Steelbacks or Leanbacks but if its a true Anglian site you might want to give it some thought :)

    Of course you could just keep it a purely Regular Bn thing its your site :)


    P.S There was also a 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Bn as well and as far as I am aware most of those who served in these are still alive - well most of them :)
  10. Hi Paul,

    Might be worth contacting the poachers shortly. They are coming back from Iraq now onwards. Should have some interesting pics and stories from the tour? Just an idea.
  11. There's no Register on the home page, just go to your respective battalion forum and register there, hope that helps, Paul
  12. Will serve both current 3rd bn T.A. and regular army, I personally think they should keep the same nickname, there could possibly be a T.A. side to it, just depends if there is a requirement for it.


  13. I will look out for there return matey, do you know where 2 Royal Anglian base themselves in the U.K?

  14. Pauly

    Fair play dear boy - FYI the new 3 rd Bn has a different Orbat according to the MOD website they have an E Coy instead of D Coy - leave you to work that one out :)

  15. Bondi-Babe-Magnet

    knew you'd like it :wink: (been waiting ages to use that one!)

    I'll be over the weekend - give Gladys a call and we can all meet up