Royal Anglian Regiment fam visit lined up

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by 87mc12, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys

    Going to see the guys down at the Royal Anglian Regiment soon for a familiarisation visit before my main board. What can I expect? What should I read up on? Is there anything I could do that would impress them?
  2. Are you sure you are seeing them before main board? I had an interview at their rhq and was told you have to pass main board before you can go on a visit.
  3. Yeah pretty sure, I've passed the breifing, have my main board booked in April and are seeing them Feburary 23rd
  4. I would re check as both the Captain and the Colonel said you have to pass main board. I have my main board in 2 week, yet I can't attend a visit until I have a pass. Who have you talked to about it?
  5. Thats the email I received months ago.

    I had this reply from them after sending off the letter of application which my careers advisor sent me after out meeting. I'll send them an email just to confirm this, but it sure would be shit if I can't meet them until a later date, was really looking forward to it.
  6. Ok, that is very strange as i had this interview with them and was told it is their policy not to do visits until you have a pass. this i have found is now the policy with every regiment i have talked to as they do not want to waste time with people who can't pass main board.

    I would call Capt Garside up confirm it with him.
  7. I booked in with the Household Cavalry, Signals and Engineers before briefing and main board.
  8. How long ago was this?
  9. I started the application process around 6 months ago. Briefing was at the end of last year, and my main board is coming up soon.
  10. So far all three Regiments I have talked to have told me I need to wait until I have a pass.
  11. Miles and LDJ, no need to call Capt Garside, it is not a fam visit, it is an interview.

    The majority of infantry regiments require you to have passed main board for a visit whereas corps do not. (I guess for the fact that infantry regiments are much smaller than corps and therefore as you said they "do not want to waste their time with you" to put it bluntly, whereas corps can afford to "waste their time" they are much larger etc etc)

    LDJ if the regiments you are looking at are all infantry then don't worry, I am only just now eligible for visits after having passed main board.

    Miles, as with all army visits/interviews etc, turn up smart, have reasons for wanting to join the regiment, expect to be quizzed on yourself and the current world/political/economic climate (particularly afghan).
  12. I am not worried at all, just found it strange. Now it has been brought up that it is probably his interview it makes more sense.
    I have visits booked on the condition I get the pass in two weeks.

    Also it includes all Regiments that are not based in the UK as it costs more for them to send you on a visit.

    87mc12 - Are you going to Burry St Edmonds in Febuary?
  13. Chaps, I had an interview with the Royal Anglians a few months back and all I can say is the advice dispensed by AMC5 is spot on. Follow his advice and you will do fine. FR
  14. Fellas,

    Let me clear all this up for you.

    Firstly; be careful of using ARRSE as some sort of all knowing oracle of The British Army. Some of the people on here may be genuine serving personnel (albeit disgruntled) but be warned, others may have worn British DPM in cadets once, and therefore feel they have a view on military matters. Personally I have never felt the need to be on here – I only signed up this morning to post this thread. I suppose ARRSE can be of some use, but remember, there are serving Officers and Soldiers with the professional knowledge, that are in recruiting jobs that can dispense accurate and timely advice. If in any doubt, speak to your Army Careers Advisor (ACA), it is what they are there for.

    I can’t talk on behalf of other Infantry Regiments, only The Royal Anglian Regiment. However, I am lead to believe the process is similar throughout the Infantry.

    As a necessity, The Royal Anglian Regiment interviews you at Regimental Headquarters first. This is conducted by myself (The Regimental Careers Officer) and The Regimental Secretary. Here we can get to the bottom of your motivation for joining The Army, The Infantry and The Regiment. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know more about us.

    The AOSB process runs concurrently to your Choice of Arm. No Regiment has any bearing on your result at Westbury.

    If we decide to sponsor you (after you initial interview with us at RHQ), and after you have passed Main Board, then we will look at putting you on a visit to one of our Regular Battalions. As I found when I was going through the selection process, you will be taken far more seriously by Regiments and Corps with a Main Board pass under your belt – it only makes sense. I interview around 100 Potential Officers a year and with only two Regular Battalions it just wouldn’t be feasible to send you all on a visit. Not only that, but with a Main Board pass, we can see that you are a genuine and committed individual with the aptitude for officer training at Sandhurst.

    If in any doubt, speak to an ACA or your sponsoring Regiment. It is what they are there for.
    Regimental Careers Officer
    The Royal Anglian Regiment

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    Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3RN

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