Royal Anglian Mess Dress for sale.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by mark3536, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Evening all.

    I am selling my Mess Dress as i'm shortly leaving the Army. It's the Mess Dress of 2 R ANGLIAN although with the addition of afew badges and buttons it wil also serve 1 or 3 R ANGLIAN.

    It's in excellent condition and only 9 months old. (my old mess dress was ruined so had to buy a new set) Size:

    48 chest
    38 waist
    34 leg
    George Boot's size 11

    Other general info: I'm 6ft 3inches tall, with a V shaped body so that should give you some idea if it will fit or not. There is plenty of material inside the garments so it's easy to have altered.

    If you fancy yourself a bargin make an offer!
  2. A bump after 7 minutes?! Are you shitting me?!
  3. Haha well i wanted to keep it up on the list
  4. Sell it after Herrick!
  5. Hello, just wondering if the mess dress is still for sale. Many thanks
  6. Officers' or Non-Commissioned Officers'?

    If the former - presumably an LE: 38 inch waist FFS!? Fatboy.
  7. NCO's please. And lm not fat, just big boned lol
  8. I bet I am bigger boned! Interested. Cost? I'm about 18 inches short for my weight