Royal Anglian killed in Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by intothesilk2, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. intothesilk2

    intothesilk2 War Hero

    Heard on the news last night that we have lost another lad. No other details available.

    Rest In Piece my friend. Sad for all his relatives.
  2. carnage

    carnage Old-Salt

    Rest in peace friend.

    condolences to family & friends

    BADAJOZ Old-Salt

  4. once again i send my condolances to both familey and freinds may they find some comfort that they are in our thoughts

  5. Khyros

    Khyros LE

    Rest in peace...
  6. Chief_Two

    Chief_Two Old-Salt

  7. FNC1A1

    FNC1A1 Old-Salt

  8. Baghdad-Brit

    Baghdad-Brit War Hero

  9. FrankIG

    FrankIG War Hero

    +RIP+ ... again!!!

    Are we going to be doing this for ever and ever???
  10. obesa_cantavit

    obesa_cantavit Old-Salt

    Rest in Peace young Sir, condolences to all concerned.
  11. Ozduke

    Ozduke LE

    An inspiration.

    Lest we forget.
  12. freeway

    freeway Old-Salt

    Frank & halo same sentiments.....Sadly, these are becoming everyday words

    RIP Brave Soldier..Duty done..Condolences to Family, Friends and Regiment
  13. RIP Capt David Hicks

    CO The Vikings.
  14. bleh

    bleh Swinger

  15. Dilfor

    Dilfor LE

    A sad loss of another fine officer.