Royal Anglian homecoming parade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RoyalAnglianMum, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. RoyalAnglianMum

    RoyalAnglianMum Old-Salt

    I took this from our local paper about the Royal Anglian freedom march:

    quote A rallying cry has gone out to members of the public to welcome home Royal Anglian troops from their gruelling tour of Afghanistan.

    Troops from the regiment's 1st battalion will exercise the Freedom of the City by marching through Norwich on November 22 in what will be a poignant homecoming parade.

    The battalion - nicknamed The Vikings - had nine soldiers killed and scores injured during the fighting.

    The Duke of Gloucester, who is Colonel in Chief of the regiment, will be among those in attendance for the march, which will welcome soldiers back from their tour of Helmand Province and recognise the regiment's links with Norwich and the region.

    The Royal Anglians will march with the regiment band, colours flying and bayonets fixed from City Hall, watched by The Duke, the Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk Richard Jewson, Lieutenant General John McColl, and the Lord Mayor of Norwich Cllr Roy Blower.

    Members of the public are being urged to turnout in force for the event and gather outside City Hall for the parade which begins at 2.20pm. It will follow a route along Gaol Hill, London Street, Queen Street, Tombland and The Close.

    A service of thanksgiving and remembrance will follow at Norwich Cathedral at 3.30pm and the Lord Mayor will host a private reception at Blackfriars Hall.

    Colonel Tony Taylor, based at the TA Centre in Aylsham Road, said: “We want to make sure we reinforce our links with our region because Norfolk and Suffolk is where we recruit from. It will be great for the soldiers' morale if people turn out to show their support and it will be a finale for the tour.”

    The Freedom of the City was bestowed on the regiment in 1984. quote
  2. RABC


    It should be the city council broadcasting this and making it an event. I hope this gets more publicity.
  3. Hopefully they'll exercise their right to "Drums beating" - Corps of Drums is the soul of the battalion, and the Vikings usually have a top-notch Corps.

    Hope this topic gets bumped (along with info on Bury St Edmunds on the 23rd) - that way the word will be going out to "Vikings, Vikings, Everywhere".
  4. supermark500

    supermark500 War Hero

    It got a good mention on the local news this morning.
  5. hackle

    hackle LE

    And on the Victoria Derbyshire show after 10 am on Radio Five Live.

    There was a wide ranging discussion, mostly on-side, in which I took part.

    Have a great day Vikings. Norwich 22 Nov, Bury St Edmunds 23 Nov.

    D.Y. (BAFF)
  6. Sven

    Sven Crow

    News24 have just done a piece from Pirbright, waiting to welcome more Vikings home - if it was on there it should make the 6 o clock news
  7. angular

    angular LE

    I do hope their wives and girlfriends have had a good look at the carpet recently...
  8. eveyoz

    eveyoz LE

    Including very touching video.

  9. I read this morning that Tony Hadley (of Spandau Ballet fame/infamy) was at Pirbright handing out beer to all the blokes as he now runs his own little micro brewery.
    Well done Tony, pure 'GOLD'.
    Ok, I'll get my coat for the last bit!
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Slightly off thread.

    I saw the TV programmes both national & local. I was stationed at Pirbright in 1971. It looked as if it hadn't had an upgrade since then No wonder the stink about the accn there.
    Welcome home them though.
  11. ViroBono

    ViroBono LE Moderator

    Apparently Derek Twigg (Veterans Minister) was at Pirbright to welcome the Vikings home. I do hope they impressed upon him the importance of looking after all the wounded, and the families of those who did not return.
  12. Any details yet on the Bury St Edmunds parade ?
  13. henrywicks

    henrywicks Swinger

    At the moment it looks like the Freedom March in Bury will start on Angel Hill at 11.30am on Friday 23rd November. The parade then goes to Churchgate Street, Guildhall Street, Abbeygate Street and back to Angel Hill. There will also be a Thanksgiving and Remembrance Service.

    I shall post when we get more information.
  14. Bootifull

    Bootifull War Hero

    My parents ages 76 and 78 will be supporting the Vikings in Norwich City centre on 22nd November.
  15. Well done the Vikings.

    And well done the BBC(for a change)