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In the interests of fostering inter-capbadge harmony I would like to suggest the creation of an RAF thread.

Let's be honest here, the one thing that we can all, respective of hat, badge or trousers fall back on is a deep-seated and visceral hatred of all things light blue.

The one thing that I would probably have in common with my equivalent number in the Republican Guard or Arkan's Tigers is the fact that their airforce made a bollocks of getting them there in the first place and tried to apologise with a really **** packed lunch.

Or maybe it's just me?
I have mates in the RAF....all the more reason to slag 'em off  ;D

whinge...ohh my 4* hotel down-route is being downgraded to 3*.....whinge...ooooh those blunties frustrate my image as a god of the sky....whinge.....ooooh you can all get off this BB unless you are a fast-jet mate....whinge......flight safety means I have to sleep in a hotel when on ops unlike the brown-jobs who have to sleep in a ditch....whinge...I don't get paid enough....whinge.....the ACM doesn't understand the complexities of the modern nav has just had a sex change.....whinge.....

Harsh.....but ultimately fair!!  ;)


What is the RAF Regt all about?  They strut around like some form of heroes but all they do is guard airports (except those on operational deployments!!).  Seen scrawled on the wall of a loo at Ali Al Salem (Kuwait) was the following graffiti:

"The RAF Regt live life on the edge."   Beneath which some wag (Cowie perhaps?) had written:

"The edge of a fu**ing airfield!"

Failed pilots or failed Army Officers?


Yeah.  Unless there's not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind over the whole of Europe your chances of getting lifted from one side of SENTA to the other is pretty slim...and only then on alternate Tuesdays.  What really p*sses me off is when, at exactly the same time the Crabs refuse to get out of their five star accomodation because there's a slight nip in the air some Cloggie Navy helo will happily pitch up and do exactly what you need - no dramas...or happily fly you through the equivalent of pea soup wihout batting an eyelid.

Ever noticed how the RAF Regt is always dripping with guci issued kit - can't move for GPS (must be hard to find their way across the vast featureless exapanses of.......well, airfield, hanging off their WMIK mountings looking v hard), first to get GTex when we were all in crisp packets, more night vision, laser ranging & other bollox kit than they know what to do with.  And " Sqn RAF Regt ?  Don't make me laugh. Para-trained gate guards.

But then, I suppose we've got a lot of para-trained petrol pump attendants.


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While the RAF is, indeed, a charmless and annoying Service, from the OR's point of view, a philosophy which it embraces has undoubted merit - it concentrates its officers in harm's way and has very comfy Sgts' Messes.

I could see msyelf as the grizzled old Flight Sergeant waving young Rupert off to a glorious death before wandering away for a bacon and egg banjo, a cup of tea and a fag before taking delivery of the next bright-eyed young hero.


Ever tried indulging?  Ever succeeded?

I doubt it, 'cos all of the indulgence places are taken up with the useless arrses that insist you turn up to Cerney/Brize/Lyneham fourteen weeks before travelling because they are understaffed because half of them are in Cyprus on cheap holidays courtesy of VC10 Airways plc.

Per Ardua ad Arrstra.


If Saif Sareea was good for anything it was good for watching the RAF (including many of their pilots and stewardesses) being told to live in tents.
Tent? what is "tent"? I demand a 4* hotel and a huge drinking allowance or I won't play.


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I work in a large Joint HQ.

I love it.

I only have to turn up to work and I look good compared with the Blue Jobs!

Was out with a freak on Friday, an RAF pilot who wasn't up his own a**e...  Probably up someone else's come to think about it!


;D ;DYou can say one thing about the RAF though, when you walk into one of there cookhouses you're asked how you'd like your steak cooked, and the choices aren't take it or leave it.
Best one I`ve heard was when I was in the Falklands.  Some RAF policewoman when told by her Flight Sergeant to clean the det landrover told him she wasn`t going to do it because it wasn`t in her job description! Er.....Pardon?


Ahh the RAF Police........the Armed Faction of National Car Parks.


RAF Police - they even manage to make the RMP look reasonable, well balanced and flexible.

Did you know that RAF Aldergrove has over 150 on station including 10 officers? A company plus for a station of 2000 people... amazing how they manage to justify that.

Good CO

I'd have to disagree on that last point about RMPs.  On the whole, RAF coppers at least know that they're RAF coppers.  Meanwhile the (admirable) Army capbadge ethos and pride has bred Bill the village idiot who thinks he's Dirty Harry.  Worse than stormtroopers.


Chewy; I'm with Ok ya on this one.  All the snowdrops I have come across (apart from a very cute corporal I crashed and burned with) are complete to**ers.  I know law enforcement involves nicking a few people but they go out of their way to find rules that are being broken.  I got hauled in to the CO just because I had used a swear word during a 'phone conversation with one of their SNCOs!


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NO WAY, they managed to mess up PPRUNE completely by turning into into a senior officers propoganda tool (and what a tool BEagle is!) so no to m ainstream Crabs.

However let the Marines and the RAF REGIMENT in, give them their own board....
call it the Range!
watch and shoot!


Not sure about the RAF Regiment but all for the Bootys; after all they are better than all our infantry aren't they?


Tara, be more certain in your views.  Of you can't make up your mind on Raf Ref, see my earlier posts.  

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