Royal Air Force Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Hammond92, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. I'm 17 years old, have been talkin to my dad and researching about wether to join or not. Basically i was hoping to join when i have finished my A levels then i was looking to join as an ICT Specialist!

    Will be going to an RAF careers office with my dad to check available jobs and to see if it will suit me.

    Will be much appreciated to everyone who posts their experience or advice on what i should do instead of joining the RAF!

  2. Mate you might get a better response on here:- Good luck.....................Lee! :wink:
  3. Join the circus; at least then people will be laughing with you, not at you. ;)

    Out of three services offering some variant of that job, what made you pick the RAF?
  4. Basically my brother has been in the RAF and said the experience was good..

    Although i want to see others peoples opinions and will be going to other careers offices :) ...

    Might go to uni :roll:
  5. If you are intelligent enough to get into a good uni (i.e. Oxford/Cambridge, UCL, KCL, Imperial, Bath, Bristol, Manchester, Loughbrough, St Andrews, Birmingham, Durham, Edinburgh or York etc) then go to uni. If you are going to go to a uni that is outside the top twenty, its probably not worth the debt. As so many people have degrees these days, if you are going to study say sports science at the university of bedfordshire, it will not help you get into graduate fast track schemes run by top companies. Aim to do a degree in a relatively intellectual subject, at a well respected uni and try to get a first or 2:1.
  6. This was very helpful thanks!!

    Will be applying to the following uni's if I were to go:


    Although I'm not sure about Sheffield or Leicester!!
  7. Don't goto Uni because there is nothing else better to do..

    I went to uni after toying with joining the army.. but I went to uni basically to party :)

    Turns out I should of joined the army back then, now got 2years of uni for nothing...

    But it's helped me realise that the armed forces is the career I really want to be in, so its not all bad, plus it's a bit of life experience.
  8. If you get into Manchester, Birmingham, Loughborough or York then go. If you dont, its not a major drama as you can join the RAF and get loads of transferable skills for the job market after you leave. A lot of young people who do not really have the aptitude to go to uni end up at "universities" foolishly believing that their degree in media studies (for example) is going to get them any higher on the job market ladder. If you want you can pm me. What subject are you thinking of studying?
  9. Or if you do, do something worthwhile and come out with a qualification...
  10. If you are going to uni do a proper degree and not one of these new fandangled crappy ones that everyone seems to be doing
  11. If he goes to one of the first four he has listed he will do a degree in a sensible subject, as reputable universities do not offer stupid degrees, have reasonably stringent entry requirements and that is why their graduates get hired and the ones from the pseudo-univerisities do not.
  12. Some people at Uni do think they are better than full time workers for some reason...

    Unless its maths/science/engineering then your in a pot with millions of others and it becomes how popular you are not your intellect regarding career prospects.

    I can understand why students are looked down on, because some students look down on everyone.

    My own opinion of course
  13. I am currently at a top ten university, and I would say that any degree from this uni that is a good class(i.e. a first or a 2:1) would put you near the top of the pile for the vast majority of jobs. If you have a first or a 2:1 from a reputable insitution (i.e top ten or twenty) then its worth the debt. Employers are aware of the fact that "degrees" from insitutions outside the top twenty are not as challenging as degrees from reputable ones in the same subject area. No matter what labour politicians might say.
  14. You could always try eating your own liver with a rusty spoon?
  15. Uni is too easy to get into.

    Far too many people are going to Uni