Royal Air Assault Battalion.... waah!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Capt Cheeky, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Some little geeky Walters have royally ripped off the Army webshite...

    Have a gander about the various headings and laugh yer tits orf... I sure as hell did.

  2. They've done their research at any rate!!!

    Thought it was somekind of joke, as to the direction the army is going (do much more with much less!!!)

    What is it some kind of role play game?
  3. Operation Flashpoint is one of the best combat simulation games for PC I've ever seen. In fact I was only playing it three minutes ago whilst waiting for some turgid risk management documentation to download. Yes I am 43...

    Beyond the basic PC based game which features Russkis v. Septics, people have developed new units, weapons et cetera that can be added to the basic over the counter game. The web-masters here, DJ Hary Monk and Pissfinder I think they are called, have gone one step too far..erm sorry further. They have created a web-based Walt game...however the Royal Air Assault Battalion is I believe the planning title for the last remaining infantry battalion in the British Army and will be phased in around 2008, just before we offer another 15000 troops for Iraq.
  4. I dont see the problem here. All we're doing is playing a game using British Tactics with British addons, would you rather we put on our hoodies, chav ourselves up, get shit faced and nick your car? You've probably got a problem with people like that aswell. We've done our homework, we've got members currently over in Iraq, were helped set up by an ex-para who's in other squad similiar to RAAB and Co-Leader of Project-UKF and have been advised by someone who's spent the last 13 years of his life in the Army. Maybe I should pass the message on that they're 'geeky Walters'. Its only a game, we're only having a bit of fun.
  5. Been playing OFP for a few years and also VBS1 for quite a while, one of the best military "sims" around, especially if you join a squad who know what their doing and use comms, most of the guys i know are ex-mil, either UK or US..
  6. I'll step up to the plate and defend MunkD.

    Many gamers and gamer clans might be geeky (in fact, the best ones are militantly geeky) but they aren't walts.

    If you asked one what he did in his offline life he'd happily say "oh, I'm systems admin for ACME engineering" but FFS don't ask him about his online life 'cuz he'll bore you rigid. I speak as a man with a close friend ridiculously into Halflife 2, Quake and World of Warcraft.

    Not walts. Most of them have a decent, respectful regard for HM forces personnel in my experience.

  7. They just burst into flames if they ever encounter daylight.

  8. Veg is quite correct.

    Some of these guys can write better policy documents than we can, information gained from 'open sources' ... lesson for us all ?
  9. Munk , is there a good resource for Brit add-ons? Only the UK-SF site seems to have a lot of WiP that has stopped?
  10. Apologies in particular to the monk and PF...I am a keen OFP gamer and would love to download the UK add-ons. I confess I was a war-gamer at school, loved BGT for that exact reason and am a big doctrine wonk! The hours we spent playing D&D when we could have been in our pits on a saturday morning were definitely not wasted!!
  11. Please do Munk , a lot of us do play OFP , and you're in the right place for any advice you may need etc


  12. I've had OFP for a few months now and its superb. There is a Falklands add on thats been in progress now for years , and a WW2 mod