Roy Snell..... ex them?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Adam(KOS), Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Another walt making a crust on the back of claiming to be ex 'them'?

    From Amazon.. "Roy Snell has been in what he calls 'Close Protection' for over 16 years, guarding international royalty and celebrities including Madonna, George Michael, Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra. A former SAS sniper and heavyweight boxing champion, Roy is Britain's ultimate bodyguard. Roy was trained at the Regency College in Herefordshire, where the royal protection squad is drilled. A 'Category A' bodyguard - a level that takes two years of training to reach - Roy is qualified to look after top level celebrity clients, for film stars to footballers, singers to royalty. Roy is also a skilled marksman trained in the use of the 9mm Bereta sub-machine gun and the 38 Snubnose - the standard issue weapon for the FBI."
  2. I thoght the FBI used SIGs
  3. he needs to use a laxative or something
  4. No, FeeBees use a Glock Model 22 generally sometimes Glock 27 as backup-concealment weapon. Both .40 S&W. You are probably thinking of the Army CID, NCIS etc who carry a SIG, the 226 if I recall correctly. I know FBI HRT unit carries .45ACP weapon but I don't know the make.

  5. Mate, I'm just going to check on ebay to see if anyone has a life for sale. I think you need to get one.
  6. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Judging by the fellow's physog above, he is clearly trained in low profile insertions.

    Standing by.
  7. There's no need for that - he has a very exciting life looking at trains whilst wearing bobble hats at the weekends.

  8. He's no stranger to a fish supper is he?
  9. another walt thread clogging up the int cell?
  10. Don't bother reading it then, you dull cunt.

  11. Roy Snell..... ex 'them'? Who's them or do you mean...shhhh you know who ????
  12. He wasn't on The Balcony with me.
  13. sorry, I thought this thread was about actual things that might affect the actual world, not about picking up every mention of the SAS and shouting 'look! look! a walt!' like they're some kind of extinct animal that is never going to be seen if you don't look now.
  14. Can this be moved to the 'lack of' intelligence cell?