Roy Keane V Regina V 3 x RRF

Nothing wrong with what he did. Just teaching a pikey not to be cheeky to your elders!

I heard it on the radio this morning and nearly crashed my car with laughter wheni heard how much it was going to cost to get the little chavs gold (effect) chain fixed.

£2.99!! :D :D

Elizabeth Duke anyone?

Pikey scum, burn them all! (or is that unPC today?)

Sorry A-S as I appear to be having a sense of humour failure I fail to see your point after all it is alleged that Keane:

Verbally threatened
Physically threatened
Actually Occassioned assault (resulting in criminal damage?)

But after all if you cant teach a thief a lesson as implied in the recent case then surely such a violent overreaction demonstrates the requirement for strong sentencing in the event of guilt being proven?

I think 18 months should do it.
He has been found not guilty of slapping the chav.

victory for the normal people! Way hay! :D

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