Roy Keane leaves Sunderland


Eurosport - Thu, 04 Dec 12:01:00 2008

Sunderland manager Roy Keane has left the club following a dreadful run of form.

Five defeats from their last six Premier League games have seen Sunderland slip to second from bottom in the table and led Keane to decide his future lies away from the club.

The Irishman has walked away from the Stadium of Light following three days of discussions between Keane, club chairman Niall Quinn and other advisers.

Keane voiced his self-doubt last weekend regarding his ongoing suitability for the post after the 4-1 home defeat by Bolton Wanderers which featured an appalling defensive performance.

He said: "I ask myself every day if I'm the right man for Sunderland.

"I asked myself this morning, and I said I was. Sunday morning, if the answer's no, we'll have to look at it."

The 37-year-old spent over £60m on players in less than two seasons in the Premier League, but summer signings such as Anton Ferdinand, Pascal Chimbonda, El-Hadji Diouf and Steed Malbranque have largely failed to deliver.

Keane was due to hold his regular media conference at 1pm today ahead of Sunderland's match against his former club Manchester United on Saturday.

After the visit to Old Trafford, Sunderland face crunch matches against West Bromwich Albion, Hull City and Blackburn Rovers.

Earlier, Sunderland keeper Craig Gordon said Keane still commanded everyone's respect at the Stadium of Light.

"If our standards drop, he lets us know about it," he told the Daily Mail. "He's very fair in what he says.

"Everyone respects his judgement and what he tells us."
The drop or Sam Allardyce as manager.

Mackems, which is your greater fear????!!!???
There could be worse managers to be had than Sam Allardyce, although admittedly he wouldn't be my first choice. While we need someone in quickly, I think Niall Quinn is smart enough not to be rushed on his choice of potential future manager. While we've had a bad run and are in the bottom three just now we have (for the time being at least!!) the luxury of not being too far adrift from safety the way the league sits at the moment. I know as a (adopted) mackem I may be biased but I honestly believe it's an attractive post for any managers considering it. A by and large decent quality squad (although it needs trimming somewhat!), an honest and decent chairman in Niall Quinn. Club structure and finances are in a very healthy state.
Keane has shown himself to be another "big name" ex-player now manager who either can't or won't hack it when the pressure is on. I hope any club considering taking him on in a managerial capacity thinks very carefully before signing him up.

I was very amused to see that McCarthy had a better managerial record with Sunderland than Keane did. What was it that Keane said about McCarthy again?
Peter Reid's name has popped up today! I still remember my Geordie flatmate years ago singing "Peter Reid's got a ****ing monkeys heeeeeed"

aye that song "peter reid monkeys heed peter reid monkeys ohhhh do ya like ya peter reid do ya like ur peter reid peter reid monkeys heid............"

if we get reidy back i will iron my nob
did not do them any harm yesterday.
I think it gives you an idea of the calibre of manager that Roy Keane is, when immediately upon his departure they manage to almost draw against Manure then win their next match.

You might reasonably assume from this post and my last on this thread that I am no fan of Mr Keane.
do you think Keane should have left earlier????, they are on fire at present.
schweik said:
Fair enough. But I don't imagine that Manure were also shite?
No, they were not, but it is hard to score when you have 11 people defending 20 yards out.

Knocker, he should have left at the start of the season, they would have been top :wink:
It’s the post manger feel good factor that always seems to happen. Maybe if we are near the top in April we should sack Rafa to see us over the line. 8O
CAARPS said:
It’s the post manger feel good factor that always seems to happen. Maybe if we are near the top in April we should sack Rafa to see us over the line. 8O
I would :wink:

How are you mate?
Good thanks mate yourself.

Enjoying a Saturday watching football in the afternoon instead of near midnight with sand chaffing my arrse.

And I am half way to being merrily sloshed :D :D

By the way I hope you lot get beat overnight otherwise we will never hear the f*cking end of it :wink:

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